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Ex Obama Lover Larry Sinclair Mowed Down By A Hit And Run Driver Yesterday

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Nov. 14, 2011

Author of “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair:  Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder”, Lawrence W. Sinclair  has died tonight near his home in a purported car accident.  It was apparently a hit and run.  Police say the other driver got away and there was no sign of the other driver or his car.

In a 2009 shocker,  Sinclair revealed in his book stunning revelations about Barack Hussein Obama, including that he had had a gay lover in Illinois. Shortly after addressing the National Press Club in Washington, DC in 2008, Sinclair revealed that Senior Advisor David Axelrod spearheaded a vindictive smear campaign against him, while Vice President Joe Biden and his son Beau arranged for his arrest after the NPC speech.

The most shocking claim in his 2009 book was the accusation by Sinclair that Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright were involved in the murder of Obama’s former lover, choirmaster Donald Young.

The mysterious circumstances around this accident will surely raise many questions.  It is curious that this accident happened late on Sunday night when all the news media is in bed and not paying any attention.  We’ll see if it’s reported anywhere tomorrow