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SOTN: We Repeat: John McAfee Did NOT Kill Himself


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The Deep State assassination scheme was quite simple.

First, approve the extradition of John McAfee to the United States via the corrupt Spanish court system.

Then, blast that court decision throughout the global mainstream media, especially the CIA’s Mockingbird Media.

The ensuing international state of affairs permitted the pretext to be used by Spain’s health authorities to present ‘suicide’ as the probable cause of death.

However, the U.S. Intelligence Community quite likely coordinated the hit on McAfee, as they often do with extremely dangerous VIPs who pose a viable threat to the GREAT RESET.

CAVEAT to the Power Elite: John McAfee claimed in 2019 to have “31+” terabytes of “incriminating” information on “elite” world officials, which he promised would be released in the event of his death or disappearance.

John McAfee stated many times that if his death was ruled as a suicide à la Epstein, then he is certainly killed.

In another tweet he said that if they ever killed him or made him disappear a 31 Terabytes of data will be released to the public naming names.


Bottom Line



— His Spanish Attorney Javier Villalba

State of the Nation

June 24, 2021

SOTN Editor’s Note

On Saturday, August 10, 2019, just a couple of hours after news of Jeffrey Epstein’s death was first reported by the mainstream media, SOTN published the first article on the Internet that declared “Jeffrey Epstein did NOT kill himself”.  That purposefully constructed meme has since gone around the globe and throughly saturated cyber-space with the understanding that the more dangerous the incarcerated VIP — whether they be of the light or a force for evil — the greater the likelihood they will be “suicided” after being killed by their jailers.  As follows:

SUICIDED!? How does the most famous and closely watched


jail inmate in U.S. history kill himself?