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Sinus Headaches

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Dear Utopia Silver:

I am very grateful for finding out about the good effect of colloidal silver from your web site! I have had chronic sinus disease for over 15 years which was treated by conventional doctors with antihistamines, steroid sprays, antibiotics for the frequent infections, and surgery to remove polyps when the antibiotics no longer worked. A few years ago a nutritionist taught me that cow’s milk was a major cause of the inflammation and mucus causing sinus headaches. Changing this, and other things in my diet helped a lot! However, I was still affected by allergens and after having a cold or flu I usually came away with a sinus infection that was increasingly resistant to antibiotics.

Most recently I had tried a course of treatment with a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist–which helped some until getting a slight cold which sent me back to square one. Then, while searching the web, I happened upon your site, and now feel I have found the means to be and stay well from now on! When I received my first bottle of your colloidal silver, I was suffering from severe headaches from the infection, combined with the unusually high pollen this spring. I drank two teaspoons and dripped two droppers-full into my nose before sleeping, and woke up for the first time in weeks with no headache or face pain!!!

I continued to feel better over the next days, and resolved to try it for the six to eight weeks suggested for a chronic condition–both orally and in my nostrils morning and night. As I improved I told other friends who also found benefits from your colloidal silver, and decided to buy your generator package. I make my own solution now, which has a good effect on my complexion, helped a burn on my finger heal very fast with almost no scar, and cleared up a friend’s poison ivy in less than a week!

(Our interjection: In my experience, poison ivy goes away in a week or so. No miracle here) Though I had a temporary setback during a very high pollen week, and needed to increase my dosage to three tablespoons a day (due to the weaker strength of my homemade solution), I persevered with the help of decongestants. Am I glad I did! This week was just under three months of taking silver, and I have no sign of infection, and have regained my long lost sense of smell !!! I cannot thank you enough for being there!!!

Thank you, too, for being there on the other end of the telephone to answer my frequent questions about dosages and how to properly make the colloidal silver. I hope your company prospers to your benefit and the benefit of so many people! Again, thank you for your careful research about colloidal silver, and for providing a product and services that are so useful to people!!


Marion Fennell

We say, humbly, “Thanks Marion”……………….