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Dec. 10, 2016

An event involving ‘toes’ happened to Lynn on Monday December 5, 2016.  Lynn and Paul were out walking and Lynn’s snow boots were holding her up just fine until she hit a patch of more ice than snow and fell.  Lesson 1: Lynn knows she always gets her boots on with cleats and doesn’t take them off until the last spring snow.  She continued walking and then doing tasks around the house until time to go to a scheduled game where she was filling in for someone at the senior center.  After sitting for a couple of hours her ankle and knee seized up even though she kept tapping her feet and getting up and moving around. When it was time to leave she could barely walk and she borrowed a crutch and hobbled to truck and drove home.  For several hours she was applying pain patches, plasma water spray, and a coconut oil pain mixture she makes of essential oils, coconut oil and plasma water.


Just before bedtime she asked Paul to ‘pull her toes’ as Mr. Keshe discusses below.  There was popping on some toes on both feet.   She wore a pain patch on one side of her leg that she had made some time ago.  It went from the knee to the ankle and was doubled over.  On the inside of the leg she had 3 individual small pain patches, 2 on the upper leg and one above the ankle.  By the time she went to bed she didn’t need the crutch.  Paul and Lynn sleep on a slanted bed with the head higher than the feet.  Lynn had the crutch handy if she had to get up during the night, which she did, but she didn’t need the crutch. 


When she got up in the morning she still didn’t need the crutch and took it back to senior center.  Since it was 3 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors, Lynn and Paul just used some of the exercise equipment at the senior center.  Lynn was able to do the ‘reclining’ bicycle just fine.  Today Paul will pull toes again as described below by Mr. Keshe.  He clearly explains how what happens to the toes ‘travels up the leg to the knee and the hip’ later on.  So pay attention to those little toes!  And think back to the number of times you have stubbed toes over the years! 


Take care, Lynn   

138th Knowledge Seekers’ Workshop September 2016 excerpt

024436 Chad (C): Mr. Keshe I want to thank you for the technology and I am new to this. I have been using Himalayan gans water on the arthritis in my legs and it’s working out just beautifully and I wanted to thank you.

024503 K: you are welcome; this is the knowledge that comes from across the KF.

C: it’s just amazing and it relieves pain and it loosens my knees.

K: are you mobile?

024519 C: the arthritis was not a severe case, I was still walking, but I was hobbling, taking little steps and it allows me to take full steps again.

K: what is your condition? How deep is it?

C: it’s a stiffness and an achiness in my knees.

K: both of them?

C: more so in the right leg, than the left leg.

K: is there a problem in the hip; has it moved up or is it just localized in the two knees?

C: it is just localized in the knees. A bit in the ankle, also.


024619 K: one way to speed up the process when you get this condition is that you attract too much calcium towards the joints. What this means is that in a way is that the skin and the femur in your lower leg is not creating the right vibration for the calcium to go through the bone structure. The field of the calcium is absorbed from the lymph but it’s ‘too big’ in the calcium state to go through the lymph and in a way it splits off towards the joint. One of the things you can do now that you are relieved of the pain, try to walk on your heel to toe. It is very important. When you are standing up, and I taught this a couple of years ago, try to tap your heel and put it down first and then go to the toe. On the next step do the other heel the same way.


024733 K: you have to change the vibration of the internal structure of the bone so that it takes the calcium into the bone and becomes part of your bone marrow. The calcium that you get is the calcium that is transferred the lymph to the bone but is not in the strength or size to be able to penetrate the bone to become part of your bone marrow. It literally slips up and gathers in the joint area and then creates what we call arthritis. If you have reduced your pain, you haven’t sorted out the problem fully. You have to sort the problem; now you have more freedom to walk. You have to help yourself and re-tune the bones. So when you walk, try to put your heel like ‘tap dancing’ with the heel instead of the toes. This sends a vibration into the bones and they re-adjust their frequency of the vibration of the bone structure to not to produce the bigger size plasma, but the size that is needed.


024903 K: Once you go through the process, whatever is calcium or affects the calcium fields on your joints will be dissolved in the body gradually and you get rid of it. Now you don’t produce the extra ones to be the producer of problems in the future problems. When you get arthritis like this, it is re-tuning the bone structure that is needed. I have done this before and maybe

you will understand this easier if I draw this for your. Your bone structure is like a guitar string. 2.49.56 minutes. The vibration which these produce creates the plasmatic gravitational field which attracts the lymph into the bone. If one of these is out of tune, it’s like a piano and now a different size is created. When it comes to the bones it cannot be slip slap to the centers. In the drawing the ends of the joint or knee are being shown at 2.50.20 minutes.


025022 K: so, in relieving the pain, you have not solved the problem because these ‘guitar strings’ (bone structures) are still out of tune. So you know when the piano tuner comes and tunes the piano by adjusting the strings, the vibration from the bone creates to adjust these. The older we get the more things get clogged up. In a way when you tap you are shrugging off any parts that are clogged. They are working then and they absorb the right plasma to become the calcium into the bone marrow. So now that you are rid of the pain you can walk, but you haven’t solved the problem.


025109K: Try to tap with your heels and walk from heel to toe and make it a ‘solid’ step not a ‘soft’ step. You will find out in this process that you create much stronger amino acid for what you call your immune system. Your health gets better and you go back to what it was like when you were 20 or 30 years old. You have to follow the process fully and you guarantee yourself a total reduction and you will find out it’s like when you were young that you don’t catch a lot of colds or diseases. It is that now you have re-tuned it. The older we get the less walking we do and the less walking we do, we change the tunes, the guitar strings of the bones and one thing leads to another.