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Health Ranger threatened by Dr. Fata chemotherapy victims group after attempting to donate immune-boosting nutritional supplements to its members

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

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June 28m 2016

(NaturalNews) File this in the category of "no good deed goes unpunished." After making a nationwide pledge to donate large volumes of immune-supporting vitamin C dietary supplements to victims of Dr. Farid Fata's criminal cancer treatment fraud, I have now been directly threatened by the delusional leaders of the Patients and Families Treated by Dr. Fata group for daring to offer humanitarian assistance to their members.

Over the last eight weeks, since announcing my Nutrition Rescue donation program, myself and my staff have been repeatedly and persistently attempting to donate over $20,000 worth of non-GMO, laboratory verified vitamin C dietary supplements to victims of Dr. Farid Fata, the criminal cancer doctor now serving 45 years in prison for committing massive medical fraud.

Despite my long track record of making huge non-profit donations to victims all around the world (see the timeline and links below), the response to our attempted donations from the self-proclaimed "leaders" of the Dr. Fata victims group has been nothing short of sheer derision bordering on psychopathic lunacy. Today the leaders of the group hilariously threatened to report me to the FBI for daring to try to donate nutritional supplements to them.

Yes, you read that correctly. This is not a satire piece. Despite my long track record of year after year of making very large donations of food, nutrition and food education grants to children, expectant mothers, families in developing nations and victims right here in the United States, I have finally found the bedrock of victimhood insanity in the "leaders" of the Dr. Fata victims group. When I reached out with a sense of compassion, healing and a selfless attempt to help fellow brothers and sisters who had been victimized by a treacherous cancer fraudster, I was treated with derision, hatred and threats.

These cancer fraud victims, you see, have been told by some ignorant doctor that vitamin C is worthless. And they've been so brain damaged by Dr. Fata that they still believe whatever medical lies brainwashed doctors tell them. Nobody has told them that chemotherapy strips vitamin C and other nutrients from the body leaving patients in a state of nutritional deficiency. They aren't interested in hearing that. They just want to be victims for as long as possible, it seems, while attacking and threatening anyone who might actually try to help them.

It makes me genuinely wonder: Just how badly did Dr. Fata's illegal chemotherapy damage these people, anyway? (Seriously, that's not a flippant insult. I am genuinely concerned that "chemo brain" side effects have damaged the brains of these people beyond any ability to reason, and I don't know how to help them anymore...)

And keep in mind that if McDonald's had offered to donate $20,000 in Chicken McNuggets to this group, they would have no doubt welcomed it with open arms, celebrating the McDonald's corporation as being "compassionate" to cancer fraud victims.


Check out my exhaustive history of food and emergency donations to people in need

In providing context to all this, I have a long, well-documented and unassailable history of making large and numerous contributions to all sorts of victims of earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and other catastrophes. Here's just a small collection of published articles detailing a few of the many donations I've made happen over the last eight years:

In 2008, I directed a large-scale donation and distribution of Dynamo-Powered LED Emergency Tools for victims of hurricane Gustav.

That same year, I also donated $10,000 to disaster victims in China and Myanmar.

In 2009, our non-profit Consumer Wellness Center awarded grant money to a Michigan non-profit that delivers groceries to people who are economically disadvantaged.

In 2010, I directed Natural News and our non-profit CWC to donate $5000 in financial aid to Haiti earthquake victims.

In 2011, I directed Natural News to donate $12,000 to the Fukushima nuclear disaster rescue efforts in Japan.

In 2013, Natural News donated $10,000 to victims of typhoons in the Philippines that killed tens of thousands.

In 2014, the Natural News Store made a series of donations to the Organic Consumers Association, the Cornucopia Institute, the Autism Media Channel and several other compassionate organizations that help those in need.

In 2015, I spearheaded the acquisition and distribution of $100,000 in food donations (including from Living Fuel) to aid the devastated victims of Texas floods. Here's a photo of some of the pallets of Living Fuel superfood we donated to victims:

Beyond all this, last year I raised enough funds to donate over 140 food grow systems to schools and children across America.

In all my years of helping people, donating funds, distributing emergency nutrition and aiding people in need, I have never once encountered someone who said "F--- YOU" to my heartfelt compassion and generosity until I encountered the Dr. Fata victims group in Detroit... a group that now threatens to somehow turn me into the FBI for daring to donate nutritional supplements to their members. (The FBI guys I know would practically pee themselves with laughter if they even received such a report... ROFL for real...)

These people have set a whole new standard for deeply imbedded self-victimization and the total rejection of meaningful help. Even my coordination staff is dumbfounded over all this. They've helped me coordinate countless donations efforts over the years, yet never before in my history of operating a 501(c)3 non-profit entity have I heard my staff tell me on the phone, "Mike, these Dr. Fata victims people are totally insane... this is getting beyond WEIRD..."

Yeah, I know. It begs the question: How do you help people who steadfastly refuse to be helped?

The answer, of course, is, "You don't." You take your efforts somewhere else, frankly, where people are still cognitively intact enough to recognize goodwill when they see it.

Dear victims of Dr. Farid Fata: FIRE your incompetent, idiotic "leaders" who are denying you nutritional assistance

My message to all the 1,400 families who were victimized by Dr. Farid Fata: FIRE your incompetent leaders. They are actively interfering with the efforts of those who are genuinely trying to help you.

Trust me when I say these people are actively working against your interests, seemingly out of some sort of sick, demented desire to make you stay as sick (and victimized) as possible, for as long as possible.

I've seen this pattern before, actually, where leaders of victim groups don't want their victims to heal and recover. After all, they gain power from being the "leader" of a group of victims who think they need their leadership. Sometimes such leaders deliberately block outside help to their victim groups, ensuring that the group stays in a perpetual cycle of victimhood from which the "leaders" gain power and influence.

It's a sick cycle of victimizing the victims over and over again, and this pattern is especially common across cancer groups where non-profit leaders like Komen for the Cure deliberately isolate their members from lifesaving information about cancer prevention and holistic treatments to make sure they stay stuck in a cycle of cancer diagnosis, "treatment" and disease.

Some people just want to be victims, it turns out. Or they want to rule over victims they can control. It's sick, demented and even cult-like in its influence over whatever human victims can be preyed upon. For whatever reason, the cancer industry seems to attract the most sick-minded victim predators of all, which is exactly why Dr. Farid Fata was able to get away with earning millions of dollars by exploiting innocent patient victims in the first place. Somehow, the cancer industry just seems to attract people who are willing to play an active role in their own victimization... and I really don't get it. Doesn't compute!

I give up: Now I'm redirecting this donation to Feed The Hungry

Because of the incompetent, delusional leaders of the Dr. Fata victims group, and after eight weeks of experiencing the most obscene demonstration of delusional self-inflicted victimhood I've ever witnessed in my entire life, I have now made a decision to redirect this substantial donation of essential nutrition to a ministry in South Bend, Indiana called Feed the Hungry (, founded by Dr. Lester Sumrall and dedicated to distributing food and nutrition to those in need.

As that mission is entirely consistent with my original intent in launching Nutrition Rescue, I've decided to partner with Feed the Hungry where our donations receive a "THANK YOU" instead of a "F--K YOU."

I'm also looking into making contact with American Indian reservations where my fellow Indian brothers and sisters might welcome some high-grade, laboratory-validated nutritional supplements that are donated to their members for free. (Yes, I'm Native American Indian, and I'm now starting to reach out to some Native American communities to see where I can connect with food and nutrition donations.)

ACTION ITEM: Shame the idiotic leaders of the Dr. Farid Fata victims group

To those leading the Dr. Farid Fata victims group, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are fools -- if not psychopaths -- and you betray the interests of the 1400 victims you falsely claim to be assisting. You have taken 1400 victims of the cancer industry fraudsters and have made it worse for them. Do you have no ethics or morals whatsoever?

Dr. Fata may have been a criminal who poisoned these people with chemotherapy, but you have denied these people access to a critical nutrient for immune support: vitamin C. Apparently, Dr. Fata never told you that chemotherapy strips the body of vitamin C and other nutrients, leading to nutritional deficiencies that worsen the progression of diseases like cancer.

That's why chemotherapy doesn't heal cancer. More often than not, it causes more cancer to return, generating more repeat profits for people like Dr. Fata (who already exploited your members for millions in profits). And yet you still trust DOCTORS to tell you the truth about nutrition and health? Give me a break...

If you're ever ready to stop being victims and start learning how to heal, look me up. I'm the guy raising money to help countless others all around the world, running a food science laboratory in the public interest (, serving as the non-paid Executive Director of a 501(c)3 nonprofit (, exposing the lies about toxic chemicals in our food ( and calling for fraudulent cancer doctors to be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned. You should be thanking me for my tireless work to help protect millions of people just like you.

BOTTOM LINE -- words of wisdom from the front lines of medical insanity -- Never attempt to help people who are more interested in suffering inside their victimhood paradigm than in discovering new pathways to healing.

Only work to help those who are ready to be helped. Everything else is just a waste of time, money and effort.