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The Unavoidable Hidden Factor that Greatly Contributes to Autism (with video)

Dr. Mercola

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Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, is known for his successful treatment of neurological illness and chronic pain with Integrative Medicine. In this video, he explains how electromagnetic fields (EMF) interfere with your biology, and how EMF contributes to the creation of autism.

Synthesizing traditional and alternative medicine for more than 32 years, Dr. Klinghardt has blended these two approaches into a 5-level system of Integrative Medicine. He also developed Autonomic Response Testing (ART), an innovative diagnostic system that has helped transform many practitioners into accomplished healers.

Dr. Klinghardt is a world leader in the areas of psychoneurobiology, environmental toxicity, chronic infection, and family systems influences, and how these lead to chronic illness. He currently resides in Bellevue, WA where he treats patients and teaches workshops on his healing methods.

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Dr. Mercola Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Dana Gorman is the founder of, which evolved over time into She helped create the majority of the resources in this comment. 

If you are interested in receiving updates from THRiiiVE, you can sign up for the Autism e-Alert by sending an email to

She has been aggressively seeking answers over the last seven years, not only for her son, who has autism, but for all the other families with autism out there as well.

A few months after her son’s diagnosis, she developed the theory that high toxic burden (or what she refers to as “Total Body Burden,” which includes STRESS) is causal in autism.

I recently became an active participant, along with Dr Klinghardt, in the regular THRiiiVE Consensus Creation Summits that Dana organized at  

On day two of the most recent summit in October we created the Top 10 Prioritized To Do List. Please note that we did not focus solely on defeating autism when making this list, but rather what is needed in order to THRiiiVE!!!

I will use this list to highlight the advice that Dr Klinghardt provided in this interview. For an in-depth bio and more information about Dr. Klinghardt, please see his official website,

At the beginning of this interview I reviewed the THRiiiVE Top 10 List with Dr. Klinghardt, which he agrees with. Additionally, he has found that children with autism are struggling with three specific things that urgently need to be addressed in the protocol:

  • EMF Mitigation
  • Microbial Down-Regulation
  • Detoxification

Dr. Klinghardt’s recommendations are highlighted within the consensus list below. I also highly recommend reviewing the ever evolving “What you can, and should, actually do & how to do it.The Top 10 List is available here as well. There will be continually updated video tutorials for all 10 categories.

It is important to note that the recommendations below are listed in the order of importance that the think tank agreed on, and the priority of how they should be addressed.

The Top 10 List of How to THRiiiVE

1. LIFE  

Dr. Klinghardt agrees that from the perspective of providing optimal surroundings and life situations for children with autism to heal, there is still much left to be done. In this interview he mentions the need to regulate the sleep cycle. He explains that it is vital to sleep in complete darkness to maximize Melatonin production, which is a master brain detoxifier.  

Here is a quick list of the Top 10 Toxins and how to avoid them. In addition, one of the most important things you can do for a child with autism is to REDUCE STRESS -- in part to avoid sabotaging the detoxification process. 

"This might be the MOST IMPORTANT thing I ever have the opportunity to teach anyone!"

The other two vital “must-do’s” that fall into this category are getting daily sun exposure, and walking barefoot outside (on pesticide free grass hopefully) whenever possible to “ground” yourself.

2.  EMF

He considers this “synergistically causal", partly because it potentiates the production of toxic microbes and endotoxins. One of his European colleagues did an experiment on microbial cultures, comparing the growth and endotoxin production between microbes shielded in faraday cages, compared to cultures subjected to typical EMF exposure without protection. The proliferation and endotoxin production went up 600 percent when subjected to ambient EMFs.

For this reason, Dr. Klinghardt suggests: 

We are discovering more about the detrimental health impact of EMF on a regular basis. In addition to searching my site for previous articles on this issue, two good sources for more information about how and why you should protect yourself and your family members from electromagnetic fields are and

At minimum, move your bed so that your head is at least 3-6 feet from all electrical outlets. Also, turn off everything electrical in your sleeping area, including your WI-FI, cell and portable phones.

Never hold a non-corded phone to your head, and avoid using your cell phone when in a car with a child or pregnant woman. If you absolutely need to use your cell phone, crack your window so the radiation can dissipate quicker. Do not consider these tips to be final solutions, but rather what to do while you are learning and preparing yourself to do more


Dr. Klinghardt does not mention this in his interview, but he certainly believes your water needs to be toxin free, without spending a large amount of time and energy on it.

I have done a tutorial video on this subject, based on the presentation of Robert Slovac at our last summit.

The think tank is diligently working on a practical solution, but the key is to not allow your water to be a constant source of toxic exposure. This includes both your drinking water, and water used for showering, laundry, and food preparation, because 70 percent of the toxins you absorb from water are not from the water you drink, but from the water you clean your body with.

4. FOOD 

According to Dr. Klinghardt, the majority of the autistic children he sees are already doing whatever the newest diet in autism is: GF/CF, SCD, oxalate-free, etc.  Dr. Klinghardt considers food allergies to be a universally contributing factor in autism and would have every child address this, but as a factor that limits the opportunity to heal, as opposed to being a causal contributor.  

I strongly recommend you watch this Dr Doris Rapp video for more information about how food allergies can impact your child’s health. 


The consensus group at Summit #4 placed it on the list from a clear appreciation of how important physical movement is for these kids to THRiiiVE.  

Examples of some movements that would be helpful include:  

  • bouncing on mini-trampoline to help lymph drainage
  • using a Chi Machine
  • simply rocking with your child 


This speaks to the well known “Klinghardt Axiom” where he explains the documented and balanced relationship between the amount of toxic burden and emotional burden. He treats this with EFT.  

I have two kinds of patients...the ones that heal...and the ones that don’t...the ones that heal “TAP3-4 X’s a day when taking supplements” -- referring to EFT Tapping.  

The second way Dr. Klinghardt addresses this area is with Family Constellation Therapy, a form of treatment that he is considered a master at.  

Recall Therapy is one of Dana Gorman’s favorite tools in this area, and it is easy to understand and implement. It’s simply a process of remembering a situation or event that created an intense emotion in you; for example, receiving the news that your child was diagnosed with autism. Says Dana,  

“Hold the memory in your mind’s eye then...Name it, Claim it and Dump it!” 

Name it: Autism Diagnosis

Claim it: “Yes, this really got me to the core of my desire to have a healthy family without all the extra energy that it would take to have a special needs child,” then

Dump it: “I forgive myself for allowing myself to feel sorry for myself for my child being different than I had looked forward to!”  ...then move on and feel better, because you, your journey, and your child, are all PERFECT!...then "TAP!"...


Dr. Klinghardt feels the parents have carried the financial burden of lab work and does not like to require tests for things that he can figure out with his advanced form of  muscle testing (ART), which is beyond what any lab work can assess anyway.

ART is Dr Klinghardt’s own advanced form of Muscle Testing.  

“...a very accurate and important tool that can rapidly and cost-effectively guide you - the physician...and bypasses most current lab tests.”  

However, he does suggest that if basic treatment falls short, you should do a Provocation Treatment, and test for Lyme disease in the body, as well as test for mold in your house. Another test he recommends is using Urinary Porphoryns as a reflection of successful detox.  

Dr. Klinghardt likes hair analysis as a barometer for detox success. As you see the heavy metals come out and the beneficial metals normalize, he has found this to be an inexpensive indicator that your detoxification protocol is working.


According to Dr. Klinghardt, this is another absolutely crucial step in dealing with autism. The clay and chlorella mentioned next is in part to protect the largest organ in your body...the gut. You can alkalize the body, relieving tremendous burden on the organs, by adding 8 cups of baking soda to the clean bath water of your healing child.


He warns parents about Pyroluria or the “Mauve” Factor, which is basically an indication of a severe but reversible zinc, manganese, B-6 (as P-5-P) and Omega 6 deficiency indicator.  

Here is a link to the symptoms and testing for Pyroluria. Once you’ve analyzed the symptoms list to see if you need to correct these deficiencies, you will know what to look for, as detox can exacerbate the deficiencies associated with Pyroluria.  

The following are potent dextox supplements, recommended by Dr. Klinghardt: OSR (oxidative stress relief) mixed in phospholipids at bedtime.  

Monitor symptoms of Pyroluria and use a good Multi-Mineral. According to Dr. Klinghardt, “Every child has ART-tested positive for the OSR mixed in the phospholipids.  

However, don’t use OSR without adding in an anti-microbial because once the OSR begins to remove heavy metals, which are classically anti-microbial, the microbes can flare up.  

He likes the Rizols & Quintessence from to address this challenge, and Green Clay mixed with equal parts of Chlorella in water to potentiate the probiotics. Drink 30 min before or after other supplements or prescriptions, near bedtime and first thing in the morning.  

10. DETOX 

Dr. Klinghardt believes detox is essential for healing, and everything listed above is for the purpose of detoxification. Beyond that, this is a complex topic and I hope to have more information on this in the future.

In closing, remember there's tremendous HOPE for children with autism and I have made it one of my primary goals to provide their parents with cutting edge solutions!

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