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HIV + AIDS = DEATH? (video)

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eatment for cancer because it was too deadly. Not wanting to lose money by tossing out the drug, drug companies then decided to promote it for AIDS.

What would you expect to happen to cancer patients if they received chemo permanently? That is exactly what's happening to AIDS patients who take AZT; they get daily chemo until it kills them.

Maybe you've never heard, but there are credible scientists who question the mainstream stance on HIV and AIDS.

Something very convincing that they could be right is the growing number of people who are HIV+ yet healthy for 25+ years.

I personally have seen "full blown AIDS" patients recover when a high quality nutritional supplement was introduced.

Conversely, patients who take AIDS medications such as AZT usually become rapidly ill and believe it is due to their condition, when it is actually the drug.

My research and experience have taught me that AIDS can only occur when the immune system is suppressed. This is often due to drugs, including prescription drugs (such as the immunosuppressive drugs given to hemophiliacs).

AIDS patients who were ill have totally reversed their decline and become incredibly healthy through proper nutrition and exercise.

Even HIV test kits say they can't be used to detect the presence of the virus, so why are these people being labeled and given a death sentence?