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David Rice

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Dec. 31, 2015

Nobody said that you have to have your last cigarette ever in 2015, all we’re saying is that you begin your exit off the “highway” of toxicity as the New Year’s Eve ball drops in New York City, and you might even use organic tobacco or vape (electronic cigarettes) as part of your escape from the vicious cycle of commercial tobacco. Here is the first step. Make your New Year’s resolution to begin quitting smoking on New Year’s Eve, and let StopSmoking.News help you with the rest.

If you’re smoking a cigarette right now and reading this, it’s okay, because it might just be your last one, ever. Sure, you’ve heard that before, but what you haven’t heard is this: One in every six Americans smokes cigarettes; one third of all Americans get cancer in their lifetime; only fifty percent of cancer’s “victims” survive it. Now take another drag of that cigarette and you will experience a few minutes of relief from your last cigarette hangover, as the nicotine does the job that your body’s dopamine and serotonin are supposed to naturally do, given the right nutrients that are NOT bombarded with 7,000 pesticide-chemicals and heavy metal toxins like lead. Moving right along.

Cancer is preventable. The FDA won’t allow anyone to say or print that cancer is curable, but guess what? The FDA is an allopathic organization and America stopped teaching nutrition in medical colleges 100 years ago. Back then, cancer barely existed in America and in the world, and medical doctors were not making fat stacks of cash dispensing pharmaceuticals, because those didn’t exist either. Back now, to the topic at hand. No publications or Journalists can say they have the cure for cancer, but guess what?

The Chinese have been preventing and “dismantling” cancer for millennia. They know the power of nutrition. Smokers of commercial cigarettes have never even heard that nutrition kills the urge to smoke and is the ultimate way to end the cigarette habit, but you have to know just a little about Superfoods and superb supplements that are just right for smokers who need to alkalize their body, their blood and cleanse their organs. Plus, the good gut bacteria changes everything, so now WE REMOVE YOUR 7,000 PESTICIDE TOXINS from the equation (yes, your cigarettes) and we INFUSE NUTRITION just like the AMA and the FDA say doesn’t help or work.

It’s that simple. Step by step. Keep it simple. Get back to basics. The basement of basics is calling you. The power of behavior modification is calling you. Every time you would have gone out for a cigarette or lit on up on break, you will infuse nutrition and the right supplements. Your cravings for nicotine END when the un-polluted nutrients you take in help your dopamine and serotonin levels act and react to your own happiness, stress, and focus. Everything gets much easier very quickly, and you go from crawling (smoking cigarettes daily) to walking (energy, vitality and positive thinking) in a matter of hours.

How will you begin this wonderful journey and keep it going forever?

Let 2016 Be Your New Beginning!

It’s nice to turn over a new leaf, but it’s phenomenal to make a lifestyle change that adds decades to your lifetime and fun ones at that. Be smart. Eat clean. Drink plenty of spring water and check out TerraSoul Superfoods – the best Superfoods for the Soul. You can do this! Click here to Quit smoking and cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!