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Anton and Cynthia Miller

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April 20, 2012

Dear Patrick and Anne,


My wife and I just finished a recently published book about statins by James and Hannah Yoseph.  The book title is:

"How Statin Drugs Really Lower Cholesterol  And Kill You One Cell At A Time".  Anyone with any concerns about statins could benefit from this presentation.  It is an astounding, thorough, riveting expose' of how statins kill cells by preventing DNA replication, presented with a much needed understanding of "true cellular medicine".  This book is currently available at which is where our copy was purchased.


My wife and I wish to thank James and Hannah Yoseph for the gift to humanity of this book on statins and the dedicated work of bringing forward this body of researched evidence. This is a riveting, much needed exposure of how the predator greed barons go about their business weaving profit networks in the name of "medical practices" as if it were a chain link fence, one profit leading to another, then another, and then another ad infinitum while decent human beings are treated as "lab rats".

I am a carpenter like James, but disabled now at 62 from heart failure, renal failure, and a series of medical mistakes, one of them being given statins for 9 months during a hospital journey. I was in ICU's in 3 different hospitals for 5 months and in a nursing home for 4 months. Onset was early August, 2008. Primarily due to the diligence of my wife watching out for mistakes and interventions from our Creator, I survived a concentration camp experience. I am doing much better now. This is greatly due to my wife's support. She got me going on CoQ10, B6, folic acid and plenty of good water according to the "Water Cures: Drugs Kill" by F. Batmanghelidj MD, and lot's of good food. We became convinced that one of the reasons I became bed ridden and semi-comatose for months was toxic overload of statins. We were first alerted to the dangers of statins at the alternative news site in articles presented by Mike Adams of Natural News. This book put the "icing on the cake". We pray that a proper grand jury of integrity will help bring an end to this madness, slice up this cake, and properly dispose of the crumbs!

We honor them both as Truthbringers... in the One Light of Creator Source,

Anton and Cynthia Miller