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URGENT - Shaw - Super wi-fi routers everywhere - parks to malls - get this out to all Vancouver [Canada] contacts immediately

Una St.Clair

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I just got off the phone from Shaw Head office in Calgary. They are in the process of rolling out wi-fi on steroids right through Vancouver and all large urban areas – a fully meshed wireless system from parks to undergrounds – absolutely everything wi-fried – this is without any regulations, no public consultation, behind closed doors deals with businesses and local government (yes, Shaw pays for placing wi-fi routers on street lights, and in buildings). 
I am told there has been no public dissension – probably because nobody knows. I thought it would be from cell towers – but no, massive routers  EVERYWHERE – they are very proud. Using two frequencies – 2.45 GhZ and 5 GhZ – “Pushing the boundaries of Cisco”…… 
One notable study funded by US Air Force (Chou et al), found almost 4 times rates of primary cancers for rats exposed to Wi-Fi 2.45 GhZ for less than two years, and a doubling of secondary cancers. We know brain function of young people affected by Wi-Fi, we know blood brain barriers will be leaking within minutes, DNA damage, sperm and ovum damage – combine this meshed network with Smart Grid meshed network, plus cell towers exploding everywhere – sorry people – life is over as you know it. There will be NO SAFE PLACE FOR ANY LIVING THING. 
I can’t do more than I am doing –it needs to go to a larger audience and group of activists demanding health protection, environment protection, democratic rights. SHAW employees I spoke to had never heard of WHO regulations and knew nothing about radiofrequency electromagnetic fields being possible to cause human cancer, nor that Health Canada has advised reduced exposure for youth (very weak advisory, but there nonetheless).  
The plan is to do this in every urban centre across the province, and then Canada, starting with Vancouver – as far as I can establish – and also Victoria. 
I will do what I can, but people have to wake up and fight for themselves, their kids, their futures, the planet.  
Take Action Now to get this information out to people and demand a stop for public hearings, full disclosure, full signage where these routers are going to be placed – If I unwittingly was waiting for a bus stop and stood underneath one of those for 5 minutes, it would just about kill me. And that’s where they will be no doubt. 
Rise up people !!!!! Here’s a phone number and name for you at Shaw to contact and demand public consultation, stop it until full transparency – this is public spaces, without public input - – Chad Rumpel – 403-303-4822 – he is the one in charge of Wi-Fi (so I am told). Calgary number. 
The troops need to rally on this one and speak up immediately – to everyone, especially to your local government – Andrea Reimer just won the GREEN AWARD for Vancouver – she needs to hear from you NOW before this monstrous disaster is unfurled – also Mayor and other council members. 
Spread the word. Thanks. 
Una St.Clair
Executive Director 
Citizens for Safe Technology Society
Empowering the public to protect children  & nature from unsafe wireless technologies


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