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Forced covid lockdowns in China are starving people to death

Ethan Huff

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The communist Chinese city of Xi’an is currently oppressed under yet another Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown, and reports indicate that many locals there are now starving to death as a result.

Express (U.K.) reports that China’s “zero-covid” policy is making it prohibitively difficult for many Chinese people, especially in Xi’an, to continue putting food on the table.

The city, which is home to the famous Terracotta Warriors, is said to be ground zero for the latest “outbreak” of the Fauci Flu. The final week of 2021 reportedly saw “case” numbers climb to their highest levels since the beginning of the plandemic back in March 2020.

Roughly 13 million people live in Xi’an, and most of them are presumably “fully vaccinated.” Despite this, the latest “variant” of the Chinese Virus is spreading like wildfire, according to the government, which decided that the best response is to lock everyone inside their homes.

Residents are not allowed to leave for any reason, which means they are relying on government officials to bring them food. As you might expect, this setup is not turning out well for those strictly confined to their homes with no escape.

“Under previous measures, one person from every household would be allowed out of their home to buy groceries every two days,” Express reports. “This was then tightened in response to rising cases.”

Starving people to “save lives?” It doesn’t make any sense

All of this is being done, by the way, for a mere 1,600 cases that supposedly emerged throughout the city. Since the lockdowns were imposed, that daily case count is said to have been on the decline.

Areas of the city that reach the government’s thresholds for “low risk” will slowly be able to come back outside to buy essentials, just so long as they can procure a “negative” test result. Those stuck in “high risk” areas, however, are being left to starve.

All over Weibo, which is China’s social media equivalent to Facebook or Twitter, Xi’an residents shared stories about themselves or loved ones who are struggling to eat and crying out for help.

“I’m about to be starved to death,” one of them wrote.

“There’s no food, my housing compound won’t let me out, and I’m about to run out of instant noodles … please help!” wrote another.

A few braver Xi’an residents took aim at the government for its corrupt and nonsensical lockdown policies, which are ending far more lives than they are supposedly “saving.”

Many of these same people got the hashtag “Grocery shopping in Xi’an is difficult” trending on the Weibo platform. As of Monday, according to CNN, that hashtag has been viewed more than 380 million times.

Keep in mind that just prior to the lockdown, the Chinese government was urging residents to not stockpile food and other essentials. This set the stage for the mass starvation crisis that is now unfolding.

Xi’an officials also promised area residents that there would be no shortage of supplies and that they would have everything they needed. This turned out to be a lie.

“I don’t want to hear any more about how everything is fine,” wrote one person on Weibo in opposition to the government’s claims.

“So what if supplies are so abundant – they’re useless if you don’t actually give them to people.”

Another person wrote that had he known what was coming down the pike, he would have stocked up on the things he and his family need in order to survive.

“Previously I thought those panic-buying folks were stupid,” this person wrote. “Now I’ve realized I am the stupid one.”

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