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Belgian PM issues dire warning to citizens: Expect to endure hard winters for YEARS to come amid Europe’s collapsing energy infrastructure

Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr announces hunger strike: State media

Two more fertilizer plants in Europe shut down due to high gas prices – no energy means no food

You must DIE to save plant Earth: Center for Biological Diversity pushes mass starvation and poverty for humanity through emergency executive order roadmap

EU Warns of “Waves of Migration” Caused by Global Food Crisis

Globalists in the Netherlands are targeting farms to deliberately achieve GLOBAL FAMINE

Chad declares food emergency as grain supplies fall

“Devastating impact” warning as India moves toward halting RICE exports, leading to global mass starvation

SORCHA FAAL: Ukraine Soldiers Fed One Potato A Day Warn “We Are Being Sent To Certain Death”

The food crisis: Accidental or orchestrated?

Global food prices surge to record highs; FAO warns of possible famine all over the world

SORCHA FAAL: Putin Says “Enjoy Your Master And Overlord” As Starving Millions Prepare To Storm Europe

Joe Biden warns of looming food shortages coming to America as occupying regime commits economic suicide

f the Ukraine conflict doesn’t end soon, the world will starve

Forced covid lockdowns in China are starving people to death

Globalist corporations begin seizing farmland in America under eminent domain, to halt food production in the name of fighting climate change

U.S. faces engineered famine as COVID lockdowns and vax mandates could lead to widespread hunger, unrest this winter

UN report says 768 million people around the world are undernourished

Over 250 million people faced food insecurity in 2020 amid pandemic

Food Shortages Guaranteed Under Biden Regime