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'OUT OF STOCK' purposefully by the Cabal, and ABOUT BORAX


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Hello and always a pleasure.

We believe the readers should know why the shelves are 'OUT OF STOCK' and this is a perfectly orchestrated ploy by the CABAL.

Some would believe FEAR purchasing causes this, no that is not true, or some believe

the 'corona virus' is causing this, not true either.

This has been setup for many many years.

Every Grocery Store, convenient store, or any store that sells products in NA was

designed this way.

The actual thing causing the shortages, is not the actual supply, but its the method

of supply.

This is called 'JUST IN TIME' shipping. Its designed to allow the stores to

re-designate their once used supply storage areas which usually would be packed with

supplies that would meet demand for weeks, now only last less then 24- 72 hours.

These stores were tricked by the CABAL, to give up their supply storage capability

under the guise of more usable 'active' space.

This is the true reason why the shelves are empty, its not manufacturers at all.

You might think big stores like COSTCO might have more of a supply, but even they do

'JUST IN TIME' shipping, just more volume.

This 'corona virus' is just another ploy, maybe it will bring in the GCR, RV. Since

the communist government in China had to be annihilated in order for the GCR to

happen, a.k.a GESARA compliant.

This is a mixed bag of tricks, tied into everything the CABAL has been pushing at us.

Here is a good hint, one of the things that most likely will still be on the

shelves and is more useful then 90% of the 'food' out there is BORAX.

Borax is the only known BORON supplement which is crucial in this time. A box of

borax will keep you alive longer and healthier then 40 pounds of 'food'.

The reason being is in that 40 pounds of 'food' one would be very lucky to see more

then 40mg of BORON [unlikely], but there exists numerous among numerous harmful

chemicals in the 'food' as well.

A box of 20 mule team borax [the best] the box weight is 1.84KG with 11% BORON content.

It contains over 202.4g, which is 202,400mg of BORON. Quite a difference from that

40 pounds of 'food'.

One box used strictly for consumption and water purification will last a single

person usually a year or two.

P.S. The cure for the Jewish binary neuro-toxin story that Jim Stone has been

pushing is, Marshmallow Root, Cat Nip and Borax.

Cat Nip is a exceptionally good and strong anti-septic among numerous other

beneficial effects, as all toxins are considered in the septic category.

Don't feed the fear, and don't worry about stocking to much, because you can stock

all the supplies in the world, but that will not help you if your in a FEMA camp or

killed in your house/street.

There will be more then enough supplies laying around, when all the ones who can't

and/or the ones who don't know how to survive end their outer projections

prematurely. Or all those that stocked up but thought it would be better in a FEMA


There will be many many situations where supplies will be laying around everywhere.

Hopefully everybody bands together as a community.

The peak of the disruption shouldn't last more then a couple weeks to a couple months.

For Light and Love with Will serving Creation, helping the Creators expand

themselves, within themselves.