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Fox: Metal shavings found in toddler’s intestines after eating Zarbee’s multivitamins which Johnson & Johnson acquired

Erin Elizabeth

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(Editor’s Note: This story is EVERYWHERE. Every mainstream news source is covering it, just in case you might doubt us.)

Kansas mother Samantha Andersen has been using Zarbee’s Naturals Vitamins for years. The same Zarbee’s that was recently acquired by Johnson and Johnson (the same Johnson and Johnson whose shares recently plunged after a report came out stating they knew about asbestos in their baby powder). However, with her most recent bottle of gummy vitamins, the ones she had been feeding to her toddler, she noticed they were all clumped up together at the bottom.


Upon further inspection and with the use of a magnet, she and her husband discovered that the vitamins they had been giving their daughter were full of metal shavings; some in the bottle and some embedded into the actual gummies.

“Most troubling for Andersen, they were the last few vitamins in the bottle that she’d been giving her 3-year-old for two months. ‘I fed these to her. I feel like I have failed. I feel terrible that this metal is in her stomach,’ she said.”1

Their pediatrician recommended a trip to the emergency room for an X-ray. While they didn’t find large amounts of metal in her body, the x-ray did show metal in her intestines.

Andersen said, “Food is mass produced these days and metal machines will break apart and I guess pieces will fall into the production line, but there’s supposed to be people or tools to catch those things.”2

According to an FDA spokesperson, they are aware of the issue and are currently investigating.

What’s also important to point out is that when questioned, J & J wouldn’t say whether or not the sale of Zarbee’s was complete. Why on earth not, I wonder?