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URGENT ALERT: 3 Good Reasons for Food Reserves Now

Christopher Rudy

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Nov. 5,

URGENT ALERT:  3 Good Reasons for Food Reserves Now

by Christopher Rudy, AAFood Reserves

1- SPIRITUAL PRACTICALITY:  Pray for the best but prepare for the worst.  Your best insurance is food assurance in a crisis.  Prepare now, while you can, so you don't have to worry when it's too late to prepare.  Keep the faith, knowing that you can always eat quality food reserves -- no risk --with little preparation.

2 - FOOD CRISIS BREWING:  Get a grip on reality.  Ignore the glaring signs of economic collapse and world war at your own peril... not to mention the serious portents for cataclysmic Earth changes which very few believe anyway due to media black-out to avoid panic and even more disruption of the fragile stability of civilization. 

3 - PRICE INCREASES / FOOD INFLATION:  Have you noticed the rapidly increasing price of food at the supermarket? It has actually increased 50% for food and 30% for energy in the U.S. since Obama was elected  But Fed-Gov has cooked the books by eliminating these food and fuel factors in the "official" 3% inflation index.  This deception is to mask the perception of fiscal corruption leading to serious disruption of the economy.

Are you aware that the American dollar could be devalued by as much as 90%?

 Is it true that the window of opportunity may soon close with currency collapse?

 Would you agree that food reserves bought now could be priceless later?


SUMMARY: TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.  Your best hedge on rapidly inflating food prices is purchase of long term food reserves now. Prices are going up on AA Food Reserves in a few weeks, and soon they may be unavailable at any price. Get a free Berkey water purification system (larger packages) before the economy tanks with war and/or Earth changes. 

Free shipping on other key health supplies for a limited time. 

If you have any problems ordering on-line, or to order personally, call me at 406/333-4274.

Christopher Rudy

PS:  I'll be interviewing Denis Korn, University Professor (Philosophy) and Founder of AlpineAire Food Reserves, on Cosmic Love tonight at 5PM PST (8PM EST).  Denis is Co-founder of AAFood Reserves. Special offer for listeners.