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News Update From A Friend Who Drives Truck


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bitant, other mounting pressures are impacting truck drivers as well. 'M' came into town over the weekend, and we got together for coffee and dessert to catch up on everything. It feels like we are part of the same soul family, and it is always like old home week when she drives into town.

It seems there are now giant food processing and distribution consortiums around the country. I was told some of these natural food facilities are operated like a secure military base. My friend mentioned there is a very hostile tone now being directed toward truck drivers at some of these secured food distribution facilities. In some cases, the truck drivers are interrogated and their finger prints are checked, and they are not even allowed the human courtesy of being able to use the restroom at these secured pick up points. My friend mentioned there are even electronic eyeballs that watch every move they make in some places.

It was also mentioned one or two food companies may provide the food that is sold under a variety of brand names. For instance, I was told most orange juice now comes from only two sources. The orange juice from two major fruit juice companies is then packaged under many labels. It was mentioned that a more expensive brand of orange juice may come from the same source as something sold under a more generic label at a store like Wal-Mart. So, it was suggested often we will do just as well to buy the less expensive orange juice or product. This is not including organic labels. I was also told things like liquid hand soap are being processed in a similar way. There will be one or two companies which produce most of the liquid soap, then this product is packaged under various brand names. So, while we are still offered many brands of product, often they come from only a few actual suppliers. There is a great monopoly of foods and other types of consumer products.

Another stressful situation truckers are experiencing is having to wait for hours at a pick up point to receive their loads. This can create a sizable drop in pay when some truckers have to sit for 24 hours or more just so their truck can be loaded. It seems these large consortium outlets hire people primarily who work with green cards to load the shipments to be picked up by the truckers. Because those working with green cards receive low pay and oppressive working conditions, it seems they are doing 'sick-ins' every couple of weeks. This means the products to be shipped are then not loaded for the truckers, and this can create a nightmare at these loading points. Sometimes, there will be hundreds of truckers waiting up to 24 hours before they can pick up their load. And, of course truckers have to follow more rules and regulations now too ... while their working conditions deteriorate and the price of gas goes through the roof.

As my friend shared these stories with me, I received the thought most of us are seeing only that which is being acted out on the stage ... in front of the curtain. But, the truckers are the ones who actually go back stage ... 'behind the curtain'. They are the ones who see the props and the smoke and mirrors that help create the accepted version of reality most of us experience. The truckers are the ones who really know what is going on. They observe many things in the course of a day.

My friend said there was a time in years past when truckers would talk to each other ... sharing stories and laughter while on the road. Those days are over. She said lately she has been sensing 'in most' a deep anger, where much is left unspoken. And, very little is shared any more over the radio.

A change has been noted by my friend in the last six months in terms of military supplies and equipment being transported across the Interstate as well. She said up until about six months ago, she was seeing convoys of national guard units in movement while transporting more modern high tech equipment and things like generators. However, lately, she is not observing the movement of national guard units at all, or modern equipment. Instead, she is now seeing many very old German and Russian tanks being transported across the country. She said almost exclusively old tanks ... like out of another era. So, this seems a little strange perhaps?

Now, this next phenomenon being observed lately while driving truck sounds like it is coming straight out of Sci-Fi. 'M' said she is seeing very strange almost chimera type animals which are showing up by the side of the road, as road kill. These animals, from the land of the strange, have only been showing up in the last two years. I was told she is seeing animals which look like a mix of a cat and a Teddy bear ... also a mix of a horse and a Teddy bear etc. These animals are the size of a medium dog. Their fur is usually a lighter color (described as blondish-grey). The Teddy bear part of the animal resembles somewhat the little ewoks in the Star Wars series Now, I would just like to add here my friend is not someone who exaggerates. She is more of a scientist by nature, and I believe she is indeed seeing new species of animals by the side of the road. Channeled material has been mentioning lately we will start experiencing more interdimensional occurrences and that we will also start seeing new animal species. After my recent discussion with 'M', I believe this may already be occurring.

A final story I would like to share is something my friend witnessed that really touched her heart. When she had stopped in a rural area to rest while driving across country, she saw a baby rabbit and a baby squirrel playing tag together on the grass. She said both adorable little creatures were smaller than the size of her hand. Sadly, the baby bunny ran in front of a car while they were playing and was killed. Then, the little baby squirrel did the most amazing thing ... it went out into the road where its little friend was and was trying to resuscitate it. When this did not work, the little squirrel gently grasped it's little bunny friend in its mouth and pulled it off the road ... away from the cars. My friend said by this time a small crowd of people had gathered to watch because that which occurred was so remarkable.

The little squirrel loved its friend, and it was not going to abandon it no matter what. In front of the people who were watching, the squirrels only focus was ... to help its friend. And, the little guy did not stop until he a managed to pull his friend to a safe area away from the cars. This was a moment of pure heart. My friend sat in her truck after witnessing this and cried. The dedicated gesture of this little squirrel touched her deeply.

We can learn so much from those in the animal kingdom. If we only would remember ... love is the answer.

It is time for all to awaken to that which really matters in this world of ours. Perhaps the animals are showing us how we need to learn to work together if we are to save our world.

Many Blessings,