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Ron: A major deception used by the Talmudic global matrix controllers is that many large corporations appear to be owned and operated by gentiles. However, the fact that a goy ostensibly owns and/or "runs" a company doesn't mean s/he is a free agent OR that s/he actually OWNS the company. Almost Invariably the hidden plutocratic controllers of corporations OWN controlling shares in the companies or have mortgages over their assets which enable them to actually DIRECT how the corporation can be operated and the goals it must pursue. Those covert controllers have also used their inordinate power to ensure that governments insert in relevant corporate legislation a requirement that corporations MUST be managed in order to maximize profits. The idea that companies and their managements HAVE to pursue profits at all costs is bullshit. The REAL owners of the corporations that own our world are Jew banksters. WHY? Because they have a monopoly on producing money out of thin air and charging everyone, including governments, interest (usury) on it. Think about that. IF you can produce money out of thin air and GIVE it to whoever you like at next to zero or any interest rate you choose to specify, as the US Federal Reserve  and all Rothschild's' controlled Central Banks  have been doing for decades and sometimes centuries, then actually earning money via "profits" is just an extra - icing on the cake.

The real purpose of the meme about corporations having to scramble to earn profits and everyone else therefore having to compete for work to earn income in order to live, is to deceive the general population into believing that their impoverishment  and enslavement in the bankster controlled global matrix is somehow necessary when it isn't.  A further advantage for the "bankster-scum-corporatist-controllers", is that the endless corporate search for profits keeps everyone so busy trying to make profits and/or earn a living, that they have no time to contemplate what is actually happening so that they can choose to reject the false premises upon which the control matrix is based. In effect, the "profit" meme is  part of the competition meme, a "survival of the fittest" delusional mechanism created and perpetuated by the neo-Pharisees who call themselves "Jews", to keep humanity from realizing the truth that no one NEEDS fictitious Jew created fiat debt tokens to live. People need the production of food, shelter and other necessities; and provision of  personal services, in order to live well. Those things are produced by people using their physical labor and intelligence, and the planet's God-given physical resources . Fiat debt tokens produced by Jew banksters are not necessary for that to happen. BUT the Jews have fraudulently convinced humanity that their fiat debt token "money" is necessary for survival when it is not. Good will and service to others, ie love of neighbor AS self for the love of God, is all that is needed.