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Sturgis Celebrates America, Leftist Spies Whine About COVID

: Stephen Borthwick

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Sturgis Celebrates America, Leftist Spies Whine About COVID
Jerry Huddleston from Hampton, Minnesota, US / CC BY (

The message from President Trump is clear: open up the country! The governor of South Dakota is way ahead of him on that front, as are the throngs of Americans at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Leftist academics are howling with indignation at Americans celebrating free association and rugged individualism that their bike rally – and this country – stands for. As one biker put it, “we’re being human once again. F— that COVID s—.”

The Media Cartels are treating Sturgis like a natural disaster – just look at their language. In the “aftermath” of the rally, leftist invented $12.2 billion imaginary dollars it is supposed to have cost in healthcare. They further invented 260,000 new “cases” of COVID from the event.

This is all just a big lie, of course. “Case” here means “positive test results”, and we’ve all seen the stories of how reliable the COVID tests are. It doesn’t mean people with symptoms, it doesn’t mean hospitalization (which is what “case” should mean, from a medical standpoint), and it doesn’t mean ICU admittance. It just means positive test results. Fake news.


The scary bit is how these leftist researchers got their info – from “anonymized cell phones that allow us to measure the residence of individuals and the jurisdictions to which they travel.” That’s right, they were using cellphone data to spy on everyone at the rally, to follow them across the country. 

Here’s the problem, of course: 2 weeks after Sturgis, COVID deaths in the states most bikers came from – Wyoming, Colorado, and Nevada – were actually lower than during the rally itself, meaning the rally had absolutely no demonstrable impact on public health. 

We’re all suffering because the left and their media cartels are throwing a tantrum over “bad orange man” being our President. Trump is right, it’s time to drop this farce and open the country up again completely, and put these whiny academics and lefty governors in a federal time-out chair.