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Lynn Schmaltz

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-- this so called corona virus is not anything anyone thought it was....
Sarah Westall had an interview with Sherry Edwards.....Sherry can distinguish frequencies (go find the
interviews) and said there were multiple aspects to this so called corona virus.  Paul vaccinated dogs for
corona virus...a cold/virus.  Sherry said there was a frequency added to this bio-mix.  Many reports were
also stating that there was a pneumonic plague aspect to this so-called corona virus.  Sherry said in one of
the interviews that the frequency rendered biofeedback machines and other frequency machine useless in
treating the 'virus.'
I formulated the best combinations we have....Paul's go-to formula for colds and flu that usually stopped
any cold or flu in its tracks within a few hours and that worked for Paul who was on immune suppressants. 
There is lung support which is made of a combination of herbsand more.  New Tech Frequency Relief is to
address the frequencies of 5G, wifi and radiation.  Gold and Silver GANS were added to this combination. 
Mehran Keshe put out a youtube video showing how to make the GANS of part of what is contained in
Paul's Cold-Flu Relief GANS.  But does it address frequencies? 
In introduced Winter Wellness this week.  You can see the video onthe home page:   I deliberately downplayed the information in the video so as not to be de-platformed' as is happening with many of the independent media on youtube, twitter and facebook.




Here are some of the things in Winter Wellness which I introduced in the video and by email this week.

Never Ending Plasma Energy Lung Support contains the plasma energy of the GANS  of CO2, Zn, Inflammation Relief (made from CBD), Korean B9 salt, Amino Acids, Hemoglobin and leaves, roots, rhizomes, bulbs, tea from various plants including Yam, Kelp, Lily, Mulberry, Tangerine, American Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom and more. 

New Tech Frequency Relief has shungite, C60, Silver Gans, epazote, green tea, star of anise, nutmeg, milk thistle, C60 and more.

Never Ending Plasma Energy Cold Reliefvial or pair of pads have the liquid plasma from the GANS (see explanation below) of CO2, CuO2, ZnO, CH3, hemoglobin, Amino Acid and Never Ending Plasma Energy Station water.


Most importantly the plasma energy formulas carry intention.  When you read this horrific report from a Chinese official you might ask,

What can stop this 'virus'?  I've given this my best shot with plasma energy.  Paul and I collaborated on a lot of different combinations.  I proceeded as we would have done together.  We will all have to give this situation our best shot with intention in whatever form that is in your own belief system.  As with all our plasma energy vials and pads you can make more for others once you set up your vial or pads on your container of filtered or distilled water.   Several articles state that 5G was rolled out in the affected cities in China.  Is this a factor?  Would that be the frequency Sherry Edwards talks about? 

Our mainstream media is not reporting this.  There will be those who see this report and call it a hoax. 
Here is a likely scenario if this is NOT a hoax and this 'virus' spreads to our country.  There are already plans for marshal law and FEMA camps.  You can read what these camps are about in the account from the Chinese official.  This will not be reported in mainstream media.  We have to keep enthusiasm for investing in the manipulated stock market at a high level.  Last year President Trump put out a public directive that Americans should have a six month supply of food, water and more on hand...was that in the event of an EMP attack in which the grid would go down?  Now it could be for a different scenario...a bio-weapon.
Some online journalists are saying to be prepared to be quarantined in your homes.  I hope you have food, water, plasma energies and other relevant supplies.  You will need to decide when or if you need to 'hunker down.'
And, I hope I am wrong about the gravity of this. 


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