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New 'Black Death' plague strain can kill in three hours as lethal disease goes 'airborne'

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17 November 2017


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Fort Detrick bioweapon? New 'Black Death' plague strain can kill in three hours as lethal disease goes 'airborne' | 16 Nov 2017 | An outbreak of the "Black Death" -- also known as pneumonic plague -- has been described as the "worst in 50 years" as numbers of recorded cases soar. The disease has already killed more than 171 people in Madagascar alone, with thousands more confirmed cases across the east African country. A local news crew following one health worker in the stricken city heard doctors informing residents that the new strain of the disease "can kill in three hours". Earlier this week, infection and immunity expert Dr Matthew Avison told Daily Star Online that the "extremely rare" disease has been "resilient" to antibiotics. A spokesman for the World Health Organisation admitted there were fears that this strain of plague -- which is now believed to be airborne -- could cause a global outbreak of the disease. 
Plague spreads to dozens of health workers amid fears Madagascar can't contain black death | 16 Nov 2017 | The plague outbreak in Madagascar has spread to health workers, with dozens struck down by the black death. A staggering 82 health workers have been struck down by the disease -- about around four per cent of the total number of cases -- according to latest figures from the World Health Organisation (WHO)...There are also fears the disease could develop a resistance to the antibiotics being used to treat victims, which would likely see the number of cases surge. At least 2,119 cases of the plague have been reported and the death toll is continuing to rise with the disease having now claimed 171 lives, according to latest WHO figures.