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Websites about Mesothelioma

Kayla Watson

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Oct. 24, 2016


and there is one for our fellow supporters in the UK ----

one for our fellow supporters in Australia ----     

one for our fellow supporters in Canada ----

Mesothelioma International  ----

As a token of our appreciation, once we see that you have supported our mission by placing our link as a helpful resource on your page, I will personally create a "Thank You!" post and blast it on all 5 of our social network pages below!     We don't just want your support, we want to create a community of support."

If that is not enough to convince you - allow me to share a small portion of the kind of backing we are getting from government and education web sites

The idea is to disseminate far and wide. if you have other websites..... feel free to add us to them as well. If we raise enough awareness, we believe we can save thousands by finding a cure. Please let me know your thoughts.  Would you mind adding one of the above links to your page?  You can totally use all of them if you wish. :)   That would literally be the most amazing thing for our cause.  Hope to hear from you soon, 



Kayla Watson

Outreach Director/Mesothelioma Support


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A:   111 E. Washington St 

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