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Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

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April 1, 2016


(NaturalNews) (UPDATE: Registration is now open for The Truth About Cancer (FREE). The videos start streaming for free on April 12th. Click here to register now.) In case you didn't notice, we are living in an age of extreme medical censorship. Over the last week or so, we've all watched in fascination as the entire mainstream media called for the outright censorship of a vaccine documentary they had never even seen. That documentary -- "VAXXED" -- was so dangerous to the medical establishment that orders went out to the media to attack it and destroy it.


Similarly, a book called "A Mind of Your Own," authored by a holistic doctor named Dr. Kelly Brogan, was blackballed by the entire mainstream media after orders went out to crush the book. It recommends a holistic, nutrition-based approach to mental health while exposing the lies and science fraud behind antidepressants and SSRI drugs.


Now, the shocking docu-series known as The Truth About Cancer, is about to be re-launched to the public beginning April 12. And right on cue, the drug-pushing media science trolls will be either ignoring it or attacking it, depending on what orders they receive from Big Pharma.

Mind-blowing, lifesaving information that could collapse the for-profit cancer industry

This docu-series is so powerful that it threatens to collapse the for-profit cancer industry. That industry earns its revenues based on repeat business from cancer treatments that don't prevent cancer or reverse cancer. Instead, today's fraudulent cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation actually CAUSE more cancer!


The absolute last thing the cancer industry wants is for knowledge of cancer prevention strategies (and cancer cures) to spread among the public. Such knowledge threatens their very existence and takes away the profits they've been counting on from treating cancer in 1 out of 3 people for the foreseeable future...


Make no mistake, the cancer industry's entire profit model is based on keeping people ignorant about cancer causes while keeping them dependent on cancer treatments that don't work. That combination is the ultimate profit generation scheme for the cancer industry, despite all the suffering, pain and death it causes to human beings who are all victims of the industry.


The cancer industry so steeped in criminality that its own doctors and oncologists routinely rely on false positive diagnoses to earn huge profits by falsely telling people they have cancer, then "treating" them with chemotherapy. Some of the worst fraudsters and criminals operate in Detroit, Michigan, where Dr. Farid Fata was recently prosecuted and jailed for committing what can only be called "medical murder." He falsely diagnosed thousands of healthy people with cancer, ultimately dosing them with high-profit chemotherapy -- as many as 50 people a day! -- destroying their health while pressuring them to stay on the chemo to "get rid of the cancer."


This cancer industry quack is thankfully facing serious prison time, but his own colleagues (who are also quacks and criminals) continue to operate in Michigan and all across the world, poisoning people for profit while calling it "cancer treatment."




Cancer industry con men don't want you to see this docu-series... they'll lose revenues when you don't get cancer anymore!

While these cancer industry con men are raking in huge dollars from the false diagnoses and toxic "treatments" that earn them high profits, they are desperate to censor any information that empowers people like you with real answers on reversing cancer, preventing it or even CURING it.


The very last thing they want is for you to get informed. They know that the more information you learn about how easy it is to reverse cancer in many cases, they won't be able to trick you into falling for chemotherapy.


And make no mistake: Cancer doctors use TRICKS and deceptions to convince you to go for toxic chemotherapy. Their entire sales approach is based on unethical, heavy-handed psychological pressure tactics and fraudulent medical claims. They never disclose their conflicts of interest, either, neglecting to tell patients that oncologists earn HUGE profits on chemotherapy drugs given to their own patients. They have every financial incentive to falsely diagnose you with cancer, then convince you to agree to chemotherapy as "treatment!"


This only works if they are able to keep you in the dark about cancer cures that really work. They have to isolate you from the truth about cancer. Only then are they able to profit from your ignorance while poisoning your body for money.




FACT: Chemotherapy causes permanent brain damage, kidney damage and heart damage

Chemotherapy is the perfect marketing weapon of the cancer industry because it causes so much damage that it guarantees repeat business. Once a person undergoes chemotherapy, they will suffer all the following conditions:


• Lifelong immune suppression and susceptibility to disease

• Lifelong cognitive damage: "Chemo brain"

• Lifelong kidney damage and susceptibility to kidney failure

• Lifelong liver damage and reduced liver function

• Heightened risk of future cancers returning in the body, usually in multiple locations


All these things explain why chemotherapy is the preferred marketing "weapon" of cancer hucksters (doctors) and con artists (oncologists). Their "medicine" is poison. Their marketing model is based on deception. Their revenues are tied to trapping patients in a cycle of suffering and death.




The insidious effort to censor the truth about cancer

Nearly every one of these people is in favor of medical censorship to outlaw any discussion of cancer cures on the internet. There have been serious efforts to try to criminalize free speech about cancer in order to protect the cancer industry's profits which are based on ignorance.


That's why this docu-series, The Truth About Cancer, is so revolutionary. It threatens the entire profit model of the cancer industry by empowering you with practical, evidence-based approaches to treating cancer and reversing cancer without poisoning your body in the process.


In precisely the same way the vaccine industry desperately attacked the VAXXED documentary to keep you from learning the truth about vaccines, the cancer industry is unleashing its attack machine against The Truth About Cancer. Their mission is to destroy, silence, censor, intimidate and shut down The Truth About Cancer... at any cost!


• They do not want you to see this docu-series.

• They do not want you to tell anybody about it.

• They do not want you to realize cancer can be cured.

• They do not want you to have access to information they do not control.


It's all the same story, whether we're talking about cancer, vaccines, GMOs, fluoride or even politics and elections... the establishment desperately wants to maintain POWER over you, and to achieve that it must censor, dictate, monopolize and control the flow of information while denying you access to the truth that can set you free.


Yet that model is utterly failing with each passing day... the Truth About Cancer is getting out! The last time an earlier version of this docu-series ran, millions of people watched it. Countless lives were saved. Thanks to this docu-series, there are people who are ALIVE today who would have otherwise been killed by the cancer industry.


Click here to register now. The Truth About Cancer launches April 12th. This docu-series can literally save your life or even help save the life of a loved one.




If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you MUST watch this first...

I can't urge you enough to say "NO" to your quack, criminal oncologist who's trying to poison you for profit. Click here to read the true story on Dr. Farid Fata, a criminal oncologist who poisoned people for profit. Once you read that story, you'll know the truth.


You need to know your options so that you can make an informed decision. The cancer industry doesn't want you to know your options at all; it wants to corral you into its high-profit "treatments" as if you were human cattle to be milked for revenues.


Once you watch this cancer docu-series, your universe of available options will vastly expand, giving you vastly most information to make an informed decision.


Click here to register now. Then mark your calendar to tune in on April 12th. This knowledge can literally save your life.