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My Heart Is Heavy With Fear and Pain

Mitch Battros - Earth Changes

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Jan. 17, 2012

This is not the announcement I had wished to make. Our new born daughter "Sophia Cecelia Battros", was born on Saturday January 14th at 10:30 PM. and it was a joyous moment, but soon after something changed, and now she is in intensive care with cardio/pulmonary problems.  


10 minutes after birth (Jan. 14th)


At this time, I am unable to describe in more detail of her medical condition, as soon as I know more, I will share. But what I do know, is she is an angel from heaven with a glow I've only seen once before, and that was when I first daughter "Alexa Elizabeth Battros" was born. It seems that the first days of life, they are still connected to whence they came.


Third day (Jan. 17th)


For those of you who believe in prayers, and for those who know how to manifest and/or visualize a person (baby) in health surrounded with love and light - please help my daughter. I am without words to describe my feelings, I just know I want my family to be healthy, happy, and without pain or fear.


Two volunteers have come forward to help with the ECM news service and we will do the very best we can during this period of my personal challenges. In addition to my fighting emotional depression and despair, I am starring at $6,000 a day of which I have 80% coverage.  


 7 minutes after birth (Jan. 14th)


What is most important are your prayers - and if you can help financially, that would be of great somewhat non-important existing on this planet kind of help. As much as I would love to escape to, and live, in the more important higher existence, I must keep one foot grounded in this reality (at least for now). Support Link:




For those of you who are more interested in keeping it scientific and news based, I do certainly understand, and I promise you will continue to receive the most important breaking news events in the field of space weather, earth science, and ancient text - and more often than not, you will get it 1st prior to other major news agencies.


Solar news coming in next newsletter. M-class flares, CMEs, and extreme weather events are now taking place.



Mitch Battros