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Exposed: Canada used covid plandemic to align itself with World Economic Forum agenda

Ethan Huff

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Canadian independent media outlet Rebel News has procured documents showing that Justin Trudeau and the rest of the Canadian government took full advantage of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) as a vehicle for better aligning the country with the “Great Reset” agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Access to Information Act (ATIA) filings, which are similar to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filings here in the United States, produced numerous documents showing that then-Minister of Foreign Affairs and head of Global Affairs Canada Chrystia Freeland conspired with others to turn Canada into a fascist medical police state.

The uncovered briefing notes were made in preparation for the official Great Reset meeting that was held with the WEF on Dec. 8, 2020. Freeland was a meeting co-chair, as were government officials from Japan, the Netherlands, and South Africa. Kent Walker, senior vice president of global affairs at Google, and Dina Powell McCormick, a partner at Goldman Sachs, were also co-chairs at other WEF meetings.

Freeland’s direct involvement in these meetings points to the fact that Canada has either already embraced many of the WEF’s Great Reset goals, or is at least moving in that direction (Related: Freeland is also involved in Canada’s shift towards becoming a cashless society).

The Great Reset aims to enslave everyone under the heavy boot of the 1%

As was stated at the WEF meetings, one of the primary goals of the Great Reset is to forge global partnerships between governments and multinational corporations, also known as fascism. This plandemic was used as a cover to accelerate the achievement of this goal.


Seven primary goals within this were also established:

• Strengthening global cooperation

• Re-globalizing equitability

• Rebuilding sustainability

• Deepening public-private partnerships

• Increasing global resilience

• Promoting peace and security

• Promoting gender equality

Freeland was specifically involved with the “strengthening global cooperation” portion of the agenda. Her uncovered notes show that her main objective was to reiterate Canada’s “commitment to effective and accountable multilateralism, including as a core element of our collective efforts to combat COVID-19.”

Adopting Agenda 2030 in Canada was also part of Freeman’s main objective with her WEF work, again using the Fauci Flu as cover to usher in a more “resilient, inclusive, and sustainable” society in order to “prevent and better withstand future crises and shocks.”

The United Nations’ “sustainable development plan” for Agenda 2030 involves at least 17 different “Sustainable Development Goals” and 169 additional sub-targets, all of which are meant to be implemented by the year 2030.

If successful, these goals and sub-targets will completely transform Canadian society, as well as the societies of all other countries that follow suit. This would be a dream come true for Klaus Schwab, WEF’s founder, who wants to see everyone else besides himself and his friends “own nothing and be happy.”

“A lot of people who are ‘elected’ are actually members of the WEF,” wrote a commenter at “Klaus Schwab said more than half of the cabinet members of Canada are from his Global Young Leaders or shapers program.”

“There is nothing that says a person has to vote or act a certain way after they’re elected, so say what they want to hear get elected and do the WEF’s bidding. Plus, they can always cheat or put up two members running in opposing parties.”

Another wrote that Canada has “always been the testing ground for new world order policies.”

“Nothing new here,” this person added, noting that Canada saw multiculturalism, wide-scale immigration from the Third World, biometrics, digital money, and all sorts of other new world order schemes implemented there first before those schemes were exported elsewhere.

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