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Group of doctors: Masks are ‘completely irrelevant’ to blocking COVID-19 

Patrick Delaney

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The big deal is, they may be soft, and they may look okay, but this is George Orwell’s boot on a human face forever if we don’t get this off,’ one doctor said about mask mandates.

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 29, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — A group of doctors critical of the government’s and the media’s response to the coronavirus crisis characterized mask wearing as “completely irrelevant to blocking the … virus.” 

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLD), a “diverse, exceedingly well-credentialed” group of physicians, gathered in the nation’s capital on October 16 and 17 for a second “White Coat Summit” aimed at countering “the massive disinformation campaign regarding the [COVID-19] pandemic,” according to the official website.  

Physician, attorney, and founder of AFLD, Dr. Simone Gold, began their press conference affirming the event’s purpose to bring to “the American people truth … hope … optimism” and more reasons “to not live in fear” of the coronavirus.  

She affirmed that there “continues to be a great deal of disinformation and outright censorship,” which since July “has [only] gotten worse.” 

In response, the emergency doctor announced that AFLD had established a website where all can access information on these issues which “is not censored,” and will serve to “dispel the myths” created by the media who has “lied to” the American people.  

Masks as “lucky charms”

With regards to masks, Gold did not mince her words, stating, “The facts are not in dispute: masks are completely irrelevant to blocking the SARS-CoV-2 virus.” 

Encouraging all to do their own research, she affirmed they would “discover that prior to masks becoming political in March 2020, there was never even an attempt at a pretense that masks, let alone bandanas, stop a virus. It’s a complete fabrication. A virus is 1/1000 the size of a hair.” 

Gold referred to Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force who confirmed the same about masks in a March 2020 interview, as “Emperor Fauci.” 

She then cited the New England Journal of Medicine which acknowledged that “masks serve symbolic roles” and are thus mere “lucky charms that may help increase” a person’s “perceived sense of safety.”

In addition to having no effect on curbing the spread of the virus, Gold also made strong arguments that masks are “socially divisive,” “cause an insurmountable civil libertarian issue,” and even threaten national security. 

Illustrating the absurdity of the dominant narrative, she said, “Notice that what the ‘experts’ have said for months has been wrong — there are not two million dead, our healthcare system was not overwhelmed, there were 10x the ventilators we needed, nearly everyone survives, and early treatment works.” 

“You must not ignore your own life experience!” she exclaimed. “If all you had to do to stop a virus is hold a tissue paper to your face, our ancestors would have learned this centuries ago and your grandmother would have taught you this!” 

“The tiny Emperor Has No Clothes!” she concluded.

The deleting of history

In his brief statement, Dr. James Todaro, an investigative physician with a medical degree from Columbia University in New York City, emphasized not “the censorship of the present,” but “the deletion and rewriting of history” which is being committed by news organizations on a routine basis. 

“Unbeknownst to many, news organizations are deleting articles from the past that no longer fit the narrative today … of fear, panic and lockdown,” Todaro said. “Case in point, earlier this week I tweeted-out a Forbes article … called ‘Why the World Health Organization faked a pandemic.’ It was a scathing review of the WHO’s overexaggerated response to the swine flu ten years ago. [It was] a 10-year-old article. “ 

“About 12 hours after I tweeted out that article, Forbes deleted it from their database,” he continued. “Forbes actually deleted their own story from ten years ago, overnight, when I drew attention to it. And that is going on unnoticed, continually. News organizations are deleting history.” 

“The pandemic is over”

Dr. Richard Urso, an ophthalmologist and graduate of the University of Texas Houston School of Medicine, explained how “early on” he realized that “we had a treatment for this virus,” and thus, the “lockdown … never made sense.” Viruses involve infection, and often “inflammation, blood clots, and breathing problems,” he stated. Since “every doctor” knows how to treat these issues, successful treatment was always available.

And, if anybody “tells you different, that is science fiction … not science,” he affirmed.

In using a chart to describe current statistics with regards to “cases” and deaths, Urso demonstrated that “we don’t have a pandemic any longer.”

Viruses, he explained, act in a consistent way. They have “a large peak early on,” with many people “getting cases (and) a lot of people dying.” Then, “about 110 days later … You get a small peak follow-up,” and next, the curve diminishes and flattens.

On his chart, Urso showed where the two peaks were, in March and July, and then pointed out the very low death rate in September despite a high number of reported “cases,” emphasizing again, “the pandemic is over.”

He also charged the media with “driving” what he referred to only as a “casedemic” with “fear and … trying to make us believe that we need to stay locked down.”