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The Miserable Pseudo-Science Behind Face Masks, Social Distancing And Contact Tracing


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Is it just coincidence Jews had previously released movies like Vanilla Sky, Eyes Wide Shut and V for Vendetta, where the main characters in the movie wear masks? One notes the Guy Fawkes mask craze that swept the mediaed masses not long before this event. When one knows the Jew, they understand nothing of this nature happens by chance. These movies reach into the subconscious to subliminally condition people to the acceptability of wearing masks. When one understands how Jews work the subconscious mind over the conscious mind, then one knows what is going on here was carefully planned far in advance.


To me what is most astounding is how I see more people wearing masks now then at the beginning of this madness. After months of stupid foolishness, there is no, nada, zero, zilch evidence for the claims of a virus “pandemic,” outside official sources; just as there was no evidence outside official sources for nineteen Saudis hijacking four airliners with – box cutters? Today, after months of suffering no ill effects from any virus, more people than ever are wearing masks. That’s the Jews’ power over the goy subconscious. Years ago, I wrote, give Jew media Mephistopheles three days and they will have the ignorant, gullible goy running around clucking like chickens and pecking at the ground.* Making the goy wear masks was the easy part. I am still wondering what subconscious strings Jews pulled to create the toilet paper panic, an irrational craze that was obviously the scatological Jews’ inside joke on the gullible goyim.


*Remember the “Funky Chicken” dance craze from the days of the Negrified, “Motown Sound”? That was in the seventies, before the “motor city” had fully morphed into Soweto-on-the-lakes. The only “Motown sounds” today are gunshots and groaning from the pain of a dying people. (“Motown,” short for “Motor City,” is Negro “Ebonics” for Detoilet Michigan.)




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