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Democrat Whitmer Handed Another Defeat Michigan Judge Shuts Down Governor, Rules Elderly Barber Can Remain Open

Ben Dutka|

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May 22, 2020

Democrat Whitmer Handed Another Defeat  Michigan Judge Shuts Down Governor, Rules Elderly Barber Can Remain Open

Another court battle, another defeat for Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

And on the flip side, it’s a big win for a 77-year-old barber, who many are calling a proud, courageous patriot.


You’ve probably heard the story:

Barber Karl Manke was forced to close his shop under Michigan’s lockdown orders. But in defiance of those orders, Manke opened anyway.

That’s when the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs suspended Manke’s license without a hearing.

As a result, Manke took his case to court, with the belief that trimming hair does NOT constitute a health risk.

And you know what? Another judge has agreed with him.

From Breitbart (via The Argus Press):

Judge Matthew Stewart ruled that Karl Manke will not have to close his shop after the state again failed to prove he was an imminent danger to public health.

Stewart said the state did not arrest Manke when he was cited, so he didn’t represent ‘an imminent health danger.’


Therefore, Manke won’t have to close his barbershop and Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel must accept defeat.

Here’s a direct quote from the judge, courtesy of the Detroit Free Press:

(The attorney general) has not presented any studies underlying the doctor’s conclusion.

(The attorney general) has not shown any nexus between the cutting of hair and an increased risk of transmission.

Of course, Nessel and the state of Michigan won’t go quietly. They’re already appealing the decision.

Nessel went directly after Manke and didn’t pull any punches:

He’s not a hero, he’s not a patriot. A patriot is a person that fights all enemies, foreign and domestic, and does everything possible to protect his fellow countrymen and countrywomen.

To me, Mr. Manke is doing just the opposite of that and he’s being selfish in his behavior.

But the judge doesn’t agree, and neither do many Americans. Manke earned his victory, and he can continue to earn a living and serve the community.

And in conclusion, that’s the basic right of every free citizen!