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Partially paralysed man missing half his head 'declared fit for work by DWP'

Siobhan Fenton

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May 13, 2016


A partially paralysed man who is missing part of his head has been told he is ‘fit to work’, it has been reported.

Kenny Bailey says he suffers from severe memory problems and is paralysed on one side due to having a massive stroke in 2014. Following an operation, a third of his skull was removed to reduce pressure on his brain, resulting in a large dent in his head and he is awaiting further surgery to insert metal plates to his skull.

Mr Bailey, 50, told The Daily Mirror that the Department for Work and Pensions has cut his employment and support allowance. He claims that he now fears he will lose his home and struggle to pay basic bills following the loss of £156 per fortnight. 

Mr Bailey said the decision to cut his benefits was made because he can “walk 200 yards unaided” and “get up from his chair”.