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Birth defect deaths in West Coast state hit record levels during 2011 — Spiked 60% statewide, then returned to normal in 2012 — New gov’t document lists ‘Fukushima release along west coast of US’ as possible factor in birth defect cluster

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Washington State Department of Health (.pdf), June 16, 2014:

  • Anencephaly Cluster Investigation — Central Washington, 2010-2014 [CDC: Congenital anomaly resulting in babies missing parts of brain/skull... almost all die shortly after birth]
  • Environmental Exposure Hypotheses considered by DOH: [...] Radiation from Fukushima release
  • Radiation from Fukushima: [...] No reported increase in anencephaly after Fukushima release along west coast of US

Fetal Deaths, 1992-2012 — Washington State Department of Health, Oct. 2013:

In 2011, Washington had its highest levels ever recorded (1992-2012) for:

  • Total fetal deaths — 20% above 2010record high
  • Deaths via congenital abnormalities (such as anencephaly) – 60% above 2010, record high
  • Deaths via complications of placenta, etc. — 20% above 2010, record high
  • Levels returned to historical norms in 2012

See also: Reporters in Japan write about rise in birth defects for 2011 — University won’t publish data on malformed babies after many years of doing so; Not releasing figures for Fukushima, other prefectures

And: MD: Infant deaths up for Canada’s west coast after Fukushima (VIDEO)

Published: June 24th, 2014 at 7:08 pm ET