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Nursing Home Nightmare: 3 Ways to Live In Your Home Forever

Michael Reagan

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Feb. 25, 2014

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These 3 Things Will Push You

Into a Nursing Home


By S.A. Nickerson

Not many things terrify older people more than those two words, “nursing home.”

According to a recent survey, aging adults fear the loss of independence most of all. Also among seniors’ top 10 fears is the inability to continue living at home, and being forced to have strangers caring for them.

Unfortunately, all these fears combine to become a disturbing reality when seniors are forced into nursing homes to live out the remainder of their lives. About 3.3 million Americans were housed in nursing homes during 2013, and that number will continue to rise over the coming years as more baby boomers hit their “golden years.”

One man faced this situation personally when his mother pleaded with him to never put her in a nursing home. And while he didn’t know the first thing about nursing homes or caring for an aging parent, his sense of duty and diligence started him on a quest for answers to this troubling dilemma.

Because the answers he found were so powerful, he wanted to help others going through the same challenges. He persuaded Newsmax Health to create a special educational video presentation revealing the 3 things that could jeopardize your ability to live independently — and quite literally push you into a nursing home.




In this special video presentation, you’ll hear some good news. You will find out how you, your parent, or your spouse are not doomed to live out life’s remaining time in a cold and sterile institutional environment, being cared for by strangers.

In this video, you’ll be handed all the tools necessary to remain active, independent, and safe. You’ll discover how you can “age in place” in your own home, and significantly slash the odds you could end up in that dreaded nursing home.

As you’ll hear, most of the solutions to this nursing home nightmare are simple to implement once you understand the unique problems faced by the aging population (and they are different for men and women, as you will also see).

And just to alert you: One of the shocking issues revealed on this video is not only a major reason why older adults are forced into nursing homes; it is also a big risk factor for early death. That alone makes this compelling video well worth viewing.

Editor’s Note: Right now, this exclusive and powerful video is available to the public at no charge. Go here immediately to see the 3 things that could push you or a loved one into a nursing home.