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FOUR MIRACLES (Four Short Videos)

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Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 9:44 AM
Subject: FOUR MIRACLES (Four Short Videos)
FOUR MIRACLES on Four Videos.  Total viewing time about 12 minutes. 
These videos are from Sholom, our neighbor.  They are a tribute to his deceased father, showing brief glimpses of some of his father's life's work with handicapped or handicapped/mentally challenged children and teenagers.  Please keep in mind that due to the time required to bring about these miracles what you are about to see required long-term physical therapy by not only the families but also charitable groups, including the Boy Scouts and numerous high school and college students.  The following is quoted from a portion of Sholom's message:  "So, if folks watch it, and see perhaps the most important part of the message, that the therapy was not done by doctors or therapists for the most part, but by regular concerned citizens, who put in the tedious hours required by these ch ildren, they will have gotten a very important message. The message being, that they can educate themselves, and effect changes in impaired children and adults who they might come in contact with, and this assistance may have more profound meaning for those children than what the medical or therapists contact has." 
He has kindly agreed to include his E-Mail address: