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The Democrats are the Party of Crime

Stephen Borthwick

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The problem with a lie is that it can only be sustained on more lies – and eventually, the whole house of cards will tumble if the truth so much as breathes. We have seen months of violent rioting that destroyed American cities from behemoths like Minneapolis/St. Paul to small cities like Atlantic City, NJ. We’ve witnessed new quasi-religious murals and vigils. We’ve seen a massive public funeral when most decent Americans aren’t even allowed to bury their loved ones. What didn’t we see? The bodycam footage from George Floyd’s arrest. 

Well, now it’s out, and it reveals the Leftist lie of police brutality. In it, we see a violent criminal, hopped up on drugs, resisted arrest for 8 minutes before the police finally got fed up, and deployed an approved restraining technique on him. His drug abuse gave him a heart attack, and the Democrats lied about it to drive the police out of American cities. 


The Wall Street Journal has warned that Trump has to “make good on his promise of restoring order” if he wants to win reelection. Does he? After all of these months of destruction built on a lie, with Democrat cities now seeing 200-300% increases in murder and other violent crimes, what more does President Trump need to do to defeat Senile Joe other than to say “these are cities under the Party of Crime? Do you really want to see your country run like that?” 

The Seattle mayor called the slaughter pen at CHOP “the Summer of Love”; Bill de Blasio, whose daughter is an Antifa terrorist, has overseen a 177% increase in shootings and a 286% increase in muggings and robberies in just the Upper East Side alone. 

Trump hardly has to say anything. 

He can just do what Kayleigh McEnany did last week and let leftist crime and violence speak for itself.