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James Woods Rips California Gov. Gavin Newsom: What Dems Have Done is ‘Crime Against Humanity’

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 February 11, 2020

During his appearance on ABC’s “The View” Monday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom bragged about his state’s economy and criticized President Trump for increasing the deficit.

Delusional Governor Gavin Newsom

“Why is Trump scared of CA?” Newsom tweeted, listing his version of his state’s accomplishments. “$21.5 billion surplus-Record low unemployment-Creating 1 in 7 US jobs.”

Then he contrasted these examples with what he perceives as the President’s record. “Meanwhile Trump:-DOUBLED the deficit-Created over $3 TRILLION new debt.”

“We’re the progressive answer to his regressive policies,” Newsom finished. “It’s driving him MAD.”

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James Woods Strikes Back

But actor and open Hollywood conservative James Woods wasn’t having it.

“Did you step in human feces outside your office this morning and slip and hit your head?” asked Woods on social media. “What you Democrats have done to once-beautiful California is a crime against humanity.


Former Team Trump official Tim Clark reminded the apparently forgetful Newsom of some unavoidable facts about his progressive state.

“CA has the nation’s highest poverty rate, most homeless, highest sales & income tax, 4th highest energy costs, 2nd highest home prices, and nearly a $trillion in gov’t pension debts. So there’s that…” Clark tweeted.

If California is Doing So Great…

One commenter noted on Twitter, “21.

5 billion surplus? Really? Then why do you need federal funds? Also why is homelessness so bad in CA?”

Exactly. If California has a surplus, why not give some federal dollars back?

“Gavin is clearly betting on #TrumpReelection,” tweeted another Twitterite. “Get ready for a state-funded candidate run for the next 4 years.”

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California is a Horrible Example for the Country

California is one of the worst examples of how to run a government of any state in the country. By any metric. The massive debt, homelessness and poverty rates are directly due to the failed liberal policies that many Democrats, including many running for president, want to foist upon the entire nation.

But this is what Democrats do. They promote policies that hurt citizens across the board, call them victories and insist on promoting them further.

Does any sane person want what’s happened to California under Democratic rule to be dumped on all of the United States?