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One-page ObamaCare repeal? What?!


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After last week's ObamaCare non-repeal debacle, Paul Ryan and gang are already talking about a new strategy while the D.C. rumor mill indicates that Republicans may reach across party lines to pass something far worse that RyanCare!


I have an idea...


How about a 1-page repeal of ObamaCare?one page


Rep. Mo Brooks has introduced a one-page bill that repeals ObamaCare 100 percent! And as we learned in the final days of negotiation over RyanCare, repealing Obama is simply a matter of political will.


 we still have not heard from you on whether you support a full repeal of ObamaCare! I want to send Rep. Brooks petitions in the next week in support of his one-paragraph, 100% repeal. Will you take a moment to sign our #CleanRepeal petition demanding a full repeal of ObamaCare?




This is a crucial time in the ObamaCare repeal debate. We must insist on a true repeal that removes the crushing insurance mandates that are bankrupting our healthcare system.


Thank you for taking action!


Steve Elliott