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Suspicious Timeline --The Timing of the Kennedy Diagosis

Vicky Davis

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Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Subject: Suspicious Timeline
On Saturday, May 17th, Teddy Kennedy allegedly had a seizure at his Cape Cod home. 

May 20th, Kennedy is diagnosed with brain cancer - AND we are treated to stories of GE's terrific brain scan machine that gives doctors the ability to image the brain.  (GE's machine was also featured on the CNN News story about Kennedy's diagnosis.

May 21st, Dr. Elias Zerhouni, Director of the CDC appears on Washington Journal.  The discussion is about the purpose of the CDC and their plans for the future of medicine - "personalized treatment" based on your genetics made possible by medical research.  Not mentioned of course, is the Nationalized Medical Records System (that is inherent in the plans for personalized medicine) that will allow the entire U.S. population to become guinea pigs for medical research without their even knowing about it.

Recall in March, Dr. Zerhouni participated in a "game playing" panel discussion on the future of medical research.  There is a video of it on the "Research America" website which is the main group lobbying for the Nationalized Medical Records System for research and personalized medicine (not in so many words - but again, it's integral).

Whoa!   And What a COINCIDENCE :

On the front page of Research America - a link to a story about :

"Senate to Consider Additional Research Funding in Supplemental

Contact Your Senators Immediately

"The Senate is expected to begin consideration of its Supplemental Appropriations bill soon. While most of the funding will be dedicated to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Senate bill includes funding for domestic priorities, including $400 million for the National Institutes of Health and $150 million for the National Science Foundation. Contact your Senators immediately to urge them to vote in support of this additional funding for research to improve health." 

Boy oh Boy!   What fortuitous timing for Teddy to have a seizure and be diagnosed with brain cancer (treatable)!

But not to worry...   He was released from the hospital today, grinning and waving and planning on going to that sail boat race. 

Kennedy released from hospital, heads to Cape Cod

"Doctors announced Kennedy "has recovered remarkably quickly" from the brain biopsy. They said he will recuperate at his home over the Memorial Day weekend while awaiting further test results that will help determine his treatment plan.";_ylt=AsMoCsp9ynsgPvbThzymmmlH2ocA

I smell the stench of another Hegelian Dialectic.