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President Trump has announced that he is terminating the relationship the United States has with the World Health Organization.


According to WFLA8:

TAMPA (WFLA) -President Trump has announced the United States is terminating its relationship with the World Health Organization and directing its payments to other public health organizations.


Last month President Trump announced that he would be instructing his administration to withhold funding for the World Health Organization while the White House investigates the organization’s role in how it handled the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.


Trump alleges “mismanaging” and “covering up” by the WHO on the virus’ spread.


America provides between $400 and $500 million to the WHO annually, the president said. Trump added China contributes roughly $40 million to the organization per year.

Trump claims that the organization failed to carry out its basic duty and must pay.


This story is developing continue to check back with TTN as more information becomes available.