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UNCOVERED: Panda Eyes; Another Mystery In Satanic Child Abuse Resolved (with Comment by Patricjk H. Bellringer)

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Patrick H. Bellrigner:  Anne asked the Lighted Realms if they would advise her to post the following article. The photos are very graphic to see. They tell the truth about the horrible abuse and torture of children, especailly photos would turn anyone's stomach to see such unbelievable acts of Satan.   The Lighted Realms advised Anne to post a short paragraph and leave it up to the reader to click on the link to read the entire article.  Such photos are so diabotical, it is hard to imagine that there are so many people involved in Satanic sacrifices of humans.   Check out that list of those executed or given life imprisonment for they were all involved in such Satanic rituals.  What has happened to them is what they have done for themselves, as it follows the Great Law of Returns.  The evil these executed ones have done is the Satanic energy always comes back to them --- 100 fold or more.  ---PHB


Uncovered: Panda Eyes; Another Mystery In Satanic Child Abuse Resolved

Warning; Graphic. What are Panda eyes? Why pandas with all-black eyes are interesting to pedophiles? Apart from pedophile’s symbolism officially warned on the FBI’s website which includes code words and signs, the rest are to be LEARNED with experience. Some symbolism has gone viral and became known to many but some remained obscure as there was not enough evidence to offer an instant and official decipher.

It is crucial to learn the symbolism but it is yet more fundamental to recognize the real decoders and don’t get stuck in guessing games and accusing people as they will immediately be debunked and discredit the messenger.

Here we try to illustrate some symbolism which has been less discussed. Upon encountering these signs in an Instagram profile or a website page, we should immediately be alarmed and look for more indications. If the case includes other significant known-signs, then the owner of the page or close friends should be watched closely and reported to the FBI.