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Losing your conscience...

Mat Straver

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One state has now filed a lawsuit to strike down a recent federal conscience rule that allows religious hospitals and workers to opt out of procedures that violate their religious beliefs.

This lawsuit seeks to force hospitals and doctors to amputate healthy body parts to match a person's confused mind.

These basic freedoms of of hospitals and healthcare providers are hanging by a thread while radical activists are pushing the "Equality Act" which would accomplish nationally what these lawsuits are trying to do. There are only a few voices in the Senate standing in the way of passing this bill. If passed, it would devastatingly bolster these lawsuits and attacks on religious freedom in the medical community.

Send your fax to the Senate to demand freedom be protected for those serving our medical needs in America. -Mat


Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filled a lawsuit to force all religious hospitals to bow to the LGBT agenda and abortion. The lawsuit targets a rule recently finalized by the federal Department of Health and Human Services that protects the freedom of conscience for religious hospitals and staff across the nation.

In addition, this rule gives medical staff the freedom to use biologically accurate pronouns. It simply states the obvious. "Pronouns are not stereotypes. Pronouns reflect the most elementary sex-based classification in the English language. They are routinely used in scientific contexts to refer to humans as well as any other animals that are either male or female."

By fighting against this rule, the state of Washington is trying to lock doctors and nurses into lying about biological gender, and maiming and killing innocent children all as a prerequisite for staying in their profession.

If the "Equality Act" passes, not only will doctors be pushed into situations  in which they are harming healthy bodies, but everyone will be forced to affirm the "LGBT Emperor's new clothing" or lose their livelihood, businesses, savings and future. Right now, Patrick, you can help protect freedoms for medical staff.


Act now to send your fax.

In a shocking display, the Washington AG is using his position as a bully pulpit to push his personal beliefs and make the citizens of Washington state pay.

In the same way, if the "Equality Act" passes, there will be no religious freedom for anyone, including healthcare providers regarding anything LGBT — including pronouns, surgery, and indoctrination of children and society.

This includes procedures that will force a doctor to harm patients. It requires doctors to perform "gender-reassignment surgeries" that mutilate physically healthy bodies. It also demands they prescribe hormone-blocking prescriptions that can permanently damage a child's future ability to have their own children. And it completely removes the religious exemption for those who do not want to participate in this.

We can take this moment to bow and crumble ... or we can rise up to fight for the freedoms our Founding Fathers died to give us. The most important liberty their blood enshrined is the ability to live our lives in obedience to our God.

If we want doctors who care about our life, our future, and our health in the medical field, then we need to ensure that their freedom of conscience is protected. We need to make sure the "Equality Act" is stopped in its tracks. The Senate needs to get this message loud and clear. Send this urgent message straight to Capitol Hill with LCA's fax system.

Thanks to YOUR support, Liberty Counsel Action staff in D.C. have worked for years to help create this rule and protect these freedoms. We submitted 20 pages of information and documentation showing why this rule is necessary to protect religious staff, nurses, doctors, and hospitals.

Without this rule, LGBT patients can force Christian doctors to maim and sterilize young healthy bodies confused about their gender, force Catholic nurses to help with abortions, and bankrupt religiously based hospitals across our nation.

This lawsuit illustrates what the "Equality Act" will do to our nation. But the "Equality Act" goes far beyond what this lawsuit seeks to accomplish. America will be totally transformed, and everyone will be forced to bow to a radical, LGBT agenda that will do unspeakable damage to people—especially children.

Your generous gifts support our mission to restore America and protect your freedom. Give today to continue the hope our ministry is bringing to Capitol Hill and shining across America.

Thank you for caring about our nation and working toward a better future that we can leave to the next generation.


Mat Staver



P.S. We need to hold the line against these lawsuits targeting religious hospitals and every religious medical professional in America. Now is the moment to take the wind out of these lawsuits by blocking the misnamed "Equality Act." I hope you will join me in raising your voice in the Senate with your important fax message today.

If you haven't already, sign Liberty Counsel Action's petition to start the fight against this outrageous bill.

Help your friends and family stay informed by forwarding this message to those who care about our nation and want to see religious freedom restored.

And I am so grateful for any gift you can send today to help us search out and fight for the truth.

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