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ACLU attacks Catholic hospital

Mat Staver

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A Catholic-based hospital is facing a lawsuit from the ACLU because the medical staff refuses to harm the patient by removing healthy body parts.

A biological woman, who now wants to be identified as a man, wanted to remove a healthy uterus in her quest to feel more male. St. Joseph Medical Center refused to perform unnecessary surgery to permanently harm—even maim—her healthy body. They canceled the surgery because they did not want to be a part of it.

It is not enough for some to destroy themselves in the pursuit of their own false ideas, they want to force others to participate. They don't want to tolerate your views—they want you to bow down to their views.

And if the misnamed "Equality Act" legislation passes, the ACLU will be successful. Help this hospital today with your fax to fight against this power-grab by radicals in D.C. - Mat


This biological woman is now suing the St. Joseph Medical Center to force them to do a surgery that defies common sense, logic, science, and this medical team's deeply held religious beliefs.

This woman has other options.

Just 11 miles down the road is Johns Hopkins Hospital with their "Center for Transgender Health." Our staff called and confirmed yesterday that this center is open and accepting new patients right now (despite what their website says).

Rather than file a lawsuit, this biological woman could drive a few miles down the interstate to be served by one of the most famous hospitals in the nation ... but no.

Instead, she is fighting to make every doctor in America bow to her twisted view of biological reality. And if the "Equality Act" passes, this woman and the ACLU will be successful.

This bill would give them the full weight of the law to bankrupt this hospital and any other medical facility that dares allow their surgeons to operate by their own professional opinions or religious and moral objections to removing healthy body parts.

Medical facilities could easily become bankrupt just for refusing to permanently maim healthy bodies. This is not a stretch. Already, there are several cases in litigation over this very issue. Some medical doctors have already settled rather than risk protracted litigation costs.

Right now, the future of religious freedom in America is under the greatest attack I have ever seen. This attack would be codified by the intentionally misnamed legislation that radicals are trying to push through the Senate.

At any point in the session, this bill could circumvent committees, bypass the Senate Majority Leader's schedule, and hit the Senate floor with a voice vote.

It is critical to rise up today and send a fax to the Senate to demand they oppose this bill, which will destroy religious freedom in America.

The St. Joseph Medical Center is a private Catholic hospital that has been operating on their religious beliefs since 1864. But now the ACLU's lawsuit is asking for the hospital to admit guilt in their decision and for the judge to award "unspecified damages" against this non-profit hospital.

The chilling aspect is that the ALCU readily acknowledges the hospital was following a core Catholic belief. In fact, that's why they are targeting this hospital.

The ACLU even includes in their brief that St. Joseph was operating directly under the 6th Edition of Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. This includes "limitations on the removal of healthy organs."

The ACLU wrote that, "The stated basis for this rule is the Catholic teaching that Catholic health care organizations are not permitted to engage in 'immediate material cooperation in actions that are intrinsically immoral, such as abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, and direct sterilization.'"

The ACLU wants to force your religious beliefs in the closet and punish those who refuse. Don't give them the weapon of the "Equality Act."

The ACLU has a new religion in town. And they want to force everyone to bow down to their "transgender" idol.

If the "Equality Act" becomes law, groups like the ACLU will be successful in forcing every religious institution in America to either bow to the "transgender" agenda or bankrupt organizations that refuse and transfer their resources to the pockets of the most extreme radicals in America.

This bill will completely remove religious exemptions in LGBT situations in our nation. We must stop this legislation in its tracks.

Send your urgent fax today to hold our legislators' feet to the fire to block this bill.

We know legislators are hearing from the other side. The Center for American Progress was bragging last week about the pressure they are putting on the Senate:

"Partners, including local LGBTQ community members and advocates, held virtual meetings with six Senate offices in key states. In addition to virtual meetings, CAP sent more than 1,000 constituent emails to senators urging them to co-sponsor the Equality Act."

And they are just one of the many organizations, companies, and lobbyists pushing the Senate to pass this legislation. We need concerned Americans all across our great nation to counter the radical left's agenda and stand with the good people at St. Joseph Medical Center to keep religious freedom protected in America.

Until American patriots are willing to stand our ground, we will continue to lose the freedoms given to us by our forefathers.

Make your voice heard in the Senate today.

Freedom needs a hero to fight to restore liberty for the next generation. Your support and donations are the only thing allowing Liberty Counsel Action to stop these attacks. We are working hard to defeat this bill and many others.

Today, when you give, you become our hero. Your gift helps save freedom for the next generation. Partner with us by donating today.

Your prayers, activism, and support are the lifeblood of our organization and I am so grateful for you.


Mat Staver