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Just how much tax money is spent on homosexual propaganda?


The Homosexual Lobby and their cronies in the federal government work very hard to make sure you and I never know.


Oh, we know it's hundreds upon hundreds of millions -- if not billions.


But they'll use every dirty trick they can think of to hide the exact amounts.


And you'd never believe just how many branches of government spend your tax dollars on promoting the Homosexual Agenda.


It's like a virus, spread everywhere.


Like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


Under the Obama Administration, the CDC took up the charge to promote this perverse lifestyle by producing countless videos and ads to “educate the public on AIDS/HIV.”


But every single video released in this series was rife with endorsements of the homosexual lifestyle.


Pairs of men are shown being flirtatious and even sexual with each other.


Parents shown endorsing homosexuality in children.


This is political propaganda, pure and simple.


Even to this day, someone at the CDC is spending money to run these ads on sites like Youtube.


And I, for one, want to know just who was responsible for the content of these videos and, even more importantly, how much money has been spent on them.


That's why I tasked Public Advocate's lawyers with filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the CDC.


We've requested all documentation related to the planning, production, and distribution -- both past and present -- of this homosexual propaganda.


I can't say I'm surprised that the bureaucrats at the CDC are trying to fight us on this.


Despite the crystal-clear nature of the FOIA law, bureaucrats working on behalf of the Homosexual Lobby never like to let their misdeeds come to light.


They are claiming that our request will require a massive fee to complete!


Patrick, it's a bluff.


The law requires them to produce this information upon request, without strings or stipulations.


We've seen this fight before.


Under the Obama Administration, we used FOIA to successfully prove that Obama had lied when he announced his office had received a nationwide mandate to push “transgender bathrooms.”


We had to fight them in court for that information too.


Right now, we are looking at a court battle against the CDC in the near future.


But America needs to know the truth about how our tax dollars are spent in promotion of the radical Homosexual Agenda.


Public Advocate is the only organization that takes on the nitty-gritty work like this.


And I'm not going to quit now.


I'm betting you feel the same way.


That's why I'm asking you to assist me in this effort by signing your directive to Defund the Homosexual Agenda.


This directive calls for all branches of government to be stripped of any and all funding that would go toward promoting the radical Homosexual Agenda.


Just click here to sign now.


For the Family,


President, Public Advocate of the U.S.


P.S. It's getting dangerous to be a pro-Family advocate.


Under the Obama Administration, countless branches of the federal government spent our tax dollars on homosexual propaganda.


And with your help, Public Advocate will put a stop to this!


That's why I need you to sign your directive to Defund the Homosexual Agenda by clicking here.


And after you sign the directive, please consider chipping in a donation right now to Public Advocate to keep us in this fight.

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Contributions or gifts to Public Advocate of the U.S. are not tax-deductible.  Public Advocate is a non-profit organization that fights the radical agenda of the Homosexual Lobby.  Public Advocate receives no government funds.  You may reach us at: Public Advocate, P.O. Box 1360, Merrifield, VA 22116; phone (703) 845-1808;