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Confused by the language police? Behold the “Glossary of Progressive Terminology” that will clear it all up for you

Mike Adams

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Friday, December 06, 2019



(Natural News) There’s no need to be confused when people who are filled with hatred and bigotry claim to be operating from “love.”

Don’t be led astray when you’re told that “diversity” requires absolute obedience to conformist thought.

And you don’t have to be left in a daze of confusion when Leftists claim “free speech” means censoring all the speech they despise.

It’s all about to become perfectly clear!

Today we humbly reveal the “Glossary of Progressive Terminology” that explains all that and more. Now you can finally embrace the full “truthiness” of Leftism with this handy shortcut guide.

Share everywhere, unless you’re already banned for not agreeing with left-wing lunacy.