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Jim Stone

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Cottonelle toilet paper aired a commercial featuring a homosexual who was going to bring his boyfriend home to see his mom for the first time, and the commercial talked about the texture of the paper, and how it would clean up anal leakage well enough for him to be presentable to his mom. I KID YOU NOT, they had the audacity to do that. I do not buy Cottonelle because it is too expensive, but if I did it would be ADIOS. Here are some priceless comments below the vid:

"They can try from now until DOOMSDAY, and they are NEVER going to get the decent people of Planet Earth to accept sexual perversion. Another product and company to boycott."

"Dab your bleeding AIDS lesions dry with cottonelle toilet paper before coming out of the closet to your parents."

"Not buying Cottonelle anymore. Will never be able to see the brand and not think of Homo anal leakage. DISGUSTING"

"Tim left Redwolf for this?? Dude went from advertising Airsoft to advertising ass paper."

"who needs redwolf when you have cottonelle"

"It's literally a commercial about fag using cottonelle to wipe santorum off his gaping asshole before meeting his boyfriend's parents."

My comment: This blunder will probably lastingly damage Cottonelle because the ad clearly set the toilet paper out as being for homosexuals, and regardless of what your local SJW says, people don't want to be associated with that. BAD BUSINESS MOVE

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