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Look What Family-Killing Law Jerry Brown Just Signed—Millions of Californians Revolt

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California is facing a tough time right now. Wildfires have decimated acres of land. Homes, farms, vineyards, and businesses. Lives have been lost and even more are without homes. Personal fortunes and lifetimes of memories have been wiped out.

The state will face billions in losses, along with a decade or more to rebuild. That’s not even looking at the cost to recover what was lost.

But what is the governor of California doing? Oh, he’s signing 3rd gender bills into law.

From Daily Wire:

California just became the first state in the union to officially recognize a third gender option, paving the way for “non-gender binary” to be included on most official state documents.

Governor Jerry Brown signed SB179, the Gender Recognition Act, as part of a wave of legislation that passed through his office on Sunday. The act allows California residents to select an “option x” or “non-binary” option on drivers licenses, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other-state issued documents…

California’s LGBT Senior Bill of Rights would make it a crime to knowingly and repeatedly mis-gender an individual in senior housing or in a nursing care facility — a law opponents believe will lead to strict criminal punishments for mis-gendering in general.

This is a perfect example of how out-of-whack the priorities of liberal leaders really are. While people are suffering real tragedy and loss, the lawmakers of CA are wasting time and tax payer money to back ridiculous laws.

And by ridiculous, we don’t mean harmless.


Opening up legal recognition to every self-determining gender under the sun is another step in the breakdown of the family, the most basic building block in American society.  Our children are less safe in public bathrooms, our families continue to break apart, and California is there to speed it up.

Is it really a priority for the leaders of California to pass laws to help a fraction of one percent of the population? When thousands of people have been displaced, when a massive portion of the state has been destroyed by wildfires, the government is celebrating a pointless victory.

Congratulations, you just empowered a small, insignificant number of people, who will now feel happy about having a different symbol on their documentation. Meanwhile the state is in free fall.

Hey Californians, now is the time to consider a change in leadership. You’ve already been damaged beyond repair. You should probably limit the damage.