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Ron: NOTICE how the Jew controlled Australian media distorts the truth and propagandises in favour of destructive physical, moral and societal attitudes and practices in relation to sodomy and same sex couples. WHAT is "more progressive" about wanting homosexual couples to have 'the SAME marriage and parenting rights as heterosexual couples'?! If people wish to live together in ways that prevent them procreating and raising children that is their prerogative BUT it is inappropriate and indeed SUICIDAL for the rest of society to approve and assist physically, psychologically, spiritually and socially harmful practices such as sodomy and homosexual parenting. It is absurd to suggest that "society" can bestow on homosexual couples the  "marriage and parenting rights" that naturally exist in relation to heterosexual couples. Sodomy cannot produce offspring nor can lesbian activities. Demanding that society bless homosexual couples with the RIGHT to acquire and raise children by using the services of people not part of their relationship is a gross imposition not only on society at large but also on the children subjected to the resulting homosexual parenting.


In fact, homosexuals are demanding that society MUST grant them GREATER RIGHTS than it gives to heterosexual couples in that homosexuals REQUIRE that society must assist them to live as if they are heterosexual partners and parents while they choose not to be.


The Jew controlled media's advocacy of homosexuality is creating a DEATH WISH in Western societies, notably nations like Australia, other Anglo countries including the US, and Europe. Actively advocating austerity and homosexual outcomes has resulted in these nations failing to reproduce themselves and requiring immigration and refugee flows to enable them to continue to exist.