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Last Friday we observed the 50th anniversary of the Manson murders and how the through-line in time seems to show a pattern that demonstrates an evil force seems to replicate itself in ways that are far darker than one can imagine.

We discussed with our guest, former deputy District Attorney Steven Kay about the way Charlie Manson would groom and cultivate girls to become prostitutes and killers using MK Ultra techniques to bury within their alternate personalities that can be triggered to carry out criminal activities.

Kay talked about Helter Skelter and how it triggered Manson to start a race war. He also talked about Deborah Lake, a survivor of the Spahn Ranch that claimed she had been pimped out to Manson’s associates and that some of his other girls were also used for that purpose.

It was a commune of misogyny, drugs, sex and eventually murder.

It is well known that followers of Charles Manson committed the Tate-LaBianca murders in August 1969. If one examines the case closely, it becomes obvious that Manson used mind-control techniques such as hypnotism, LSD, and other types of mental programming to turn middle-class suburbanites into selfless killers, but one has to wonder just exactly how Manson was able to accomplish this?

Consider that Manson was part of the hippie movement at the time of the CIA’s project, MKULTRA, which implemented the use of drugs in order to conduct mind-control experiments.

It appears that part of Manson’s own supply of LSD may have come directly from the CIA. A new type of LSD known as “Orange Sunshine” was being used by the Manson Family immediately prior to the Tate-LaBianca murders according to Family member Charles “Tex” Watson, who wrote in his prison memoir that it was the use of Orange Sunshine LSD that finally convinced him that Manson’s violent, apocalyptic vision was real.

In addition, Tex Watson recounted in his testimony that Manson used other drugs such as “mescaline, psilocybin, and the THC, and STP” and described a “mental acid” that “drew stuff out of your mind, and the other (body acid)…would be drawing your body.”

Later, when asked about the use of drugs in the Manson family “Tex” said, “People seem to think that Manson had all of us drugged out, while he remained sober so he could easily manipulate our minds. This may be true, but a sorcerer such as Manson uses mind-altering drugs himself in order to contact spiritual beings, and gain supernatural powers.”

People always ask me about how MK Ultra came to be and why these techniques were being used on people and for what purpose.

Few people are aware that in the concentration camps of World War II, Nazi scientists worked feverishly to perfect the science of mind control on both individuals and populations. Dr. Josef Mengele supervised medical experiments at Auschwitz, becoming infamous there as the “Angel of Death.” He and others were given free reign to torture, sexually abuse, and kill any concentration camp inmate in any way they pleased as they worked to perfect the science of mind control.

It is believed that using a combination of hypnosis, mind-altering drugs, and torture, Mengele eventually developed techniques which in a matter of hours could cause any individual to dissociate into multiple personalities.

When a person develops multiple personalities or “alters,” the core personality typically has no awareness of the existence of created alters. Because the pain induced during the creation of these personalities is unbearably great, the individual’s ego dissociates and creates an alter personality to handle the pain, yet blocks all conscious memory of this experience and of the alter created in order to be able to function in daily life.

Thus, those subjected to Mengele’s cruel experiments had no conscious knowledge afterward of what had been done to them or how they were now under his control through the hidden alter personalities he had created.

However, besides the drugging of subjects, there was also the rumor that Mengele was able to brainwash women into becoming breeders for something known as the Embryo Project where he along with other Nazi scientists were trying to spread the seed of “Chosen Men” in order to perfect a master race.

The Lebensborn Kinder – a long hushed-up aspect of Nazi history were born in special maternity homes, places where mostly unmarried women and the wives of SS men gave birth to children with “good Aryan” blood.

Ira Levin, the man who gave us Rosemary’s Baby, wrote a fictional version of the story that was eventually made into the film, The Boy’s From Brazil. The film was released in 1978 and was directed by Franklin J. Schaffner.

Back then the bioenegineering of humans was unheard of let alone presenting the idea of seeding the human race with a group of little Hitler’s was dismissed as crazy science fiction – now it is not so farfetched.

Of course, the Ira Levin connection again rears its head as the director of the film Rosemary’s Baby, Roman Polanski was accused of drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl – who at one time was quoted as saying that all men prefer to have sex with young girls.

Moreover, the same attitudes about young women were espoused by Jeffery Epstein.

Epstein’s views about young girls were also similar to those of Mengele as well.

Jeffrey Epstein had an unusual dream: He hoped to seed the human race with his DNA by impregnating women at his vast Zorro Ranch in New Mexico. Epstein over the years confided to scientists and others about his scheme, he believed that it was his way of creating his own human beings, his own type of master race – a warped sense of transhumanism.

It was more of a fascination with eugenics – much like what the Nazis were experimenting with. Eugenicists believe that through science mankind has the responsibility to improve the human population through technologies like genetic engineering and controlled breeding.

Epstein was a serial illusionist chameleon that was able to insinuate himself into an elite scientific community, thus allowing him to pursue his interests in eugenics and other fringe fields of science.

His lab for mind control and eugenics experiments was the expansive Zorro Ranch in New Mexico.

Zorro Ranch was a breeder farm where young girls were drugged and raped and were also mind-controlled.

According to TruNews, the 8,000-acre estate was mostly empty although there were signs someone was there. This included several vehicles, as well as a relatively recent arrival: a large recreational vehicle with its rooms extended, implying it was in use.

TruNews correspondent Edward Szall and TruNews producer Matt Skow were there and noticed some mysterious things on the ranch.

Szall and Skow didn’t spend too long on the property, but while they were there, they observed a few oddities, including, a cast iron coat of arms with the date 1610 emblazoned on it that appears to have symbols reminiscent of the European Habsburg Dynasty.

A pair of African fertility statues sitting in an alcove on the main building’s roof, but behind iron bars; and large curtains over many of the windows, as well as iron bars over some of the bars, preventing anyone outside from seeing in, or anyone inside from getting out.

Upon closer examination of the vehicles parked on the property, Szall said he observed two bicycles attached to the back of an SUV. One of those vehicles appeared to be meant for a young girl.

Although they did not see anyone, they left when dogs began barking outside.

Both reporters produced a video of what they saw.

The Habsburg crest is very telling of what Epstein was up to. The Habsburg Royal Dynasty of Austria and Hungary were eager to understand how science and medicine participated in the building and maintaining of empires.

The Habsburgs are known not only for controlling huge tracts of Europe, but also for maintaining control by rarely marrying outside the dynasty. By the end of the 17th century, the results of their marital practices and their inbreeding had become apparent in the form of a distinctive protruding lip, a high rate of infant mortality and a host of other health problems.

This was their form of eugenics to keep the bloodline pure.

We have to assume that Jeffery Epstein saw himself as a Eugenicist and was attempting to create his own bloodline empire.

His Zorro Ranch seems to yield clues to what went on there and who was involved in allowing the breeder ranch to exist.

In 2003, Jeffrey Epstein sat for five hours to give a rare interview with journalist David Bank, offering his thoughts on subjects ranging from mathematics to exorbitant wealth, to what he saw himself as – today many of the recordings of this interview surfaces and in one of the segments Epstein was very open as to who he saw himself as and what he wanted to do n his island and his ranch.

In the interview he states:

“I realize what I am. I’m very comfortable in my own skin. I’m not a helicopter pilot. What I’m really free to do is I feel free to follow my own personality. As we discussed yesterday, I can’t be totally wacko in what I do. It affects lots of other people who will get angry with what I do because then it affects me again. But on my own island or on my own ranch, I can think the thoughts I want to think. I can do the work I want to do and I’m free to explore as I see fit.”

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According to investigator Corey Lynn of the Corey’s Digs website :

Jeffrey Epstein purchased the New Mexico ranch from Gov. Bruce King in 1993 – the year Bill Clinton became President. Jim Baca, the New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands, was brought on by Clinton and Bill Richardson worked with Clinton on the NAFTA passage – both of which received thousands in campaign contributions from Epstein.

Over 20,000 acres of Hollywood landscape sits just north of Epstein’s land, purchased by fashion designer Tom Ford in 2001 – another name in Epstein’s black book.

In addition to Epstein giving over $50,000 in campaign funds to former Attorney General Gary King, the King family’s land surrounds Zorro Ranch on all sides, and their political and defense connections go all the way up to ballistic missiles.

According to Corey Lynn, the Kings still own land surrounding Epstein’s property, but it wasn’t stated as to just how much land, which Kings, and where those parcels are located. Nor do they seem to be reporting on the extensive landmass to the north, used by Hollywood for filming over 30 movies, and purchased by Tom Ford in 2001, who just so happens to be included in Epstein’s little black book.

The grounds of the mansion also feature a huge labyrinth that appears to be made of shrubs and rocks, however, there are some that argue that the shrubs and rocks have died there.

According to Carl Jung, labyrinths or mazes are representations of the subconscious mind. The subject caught in the labyrinth takes chances, and wrong turns sometimes leading to isolation. The labyrinth is constructed for mind expansion. Control the depths of the mind, control the person.

The film, Labyrinth, starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie has been seen by many critics as analogous to mind control and rape by a handler called Jareth the Goblin King.

What appears to be a young girl’s quest to find her baby brother becomes a metaphor for the internal world of mind control where the victim is being controlled by a handler.

Is this a coincidence that a labyrinth exists on Zorro Ranch as a metaphor for young women who grow and are controlled in a maze of drugs, misogyny, rape and breeding?

With so many acres of land, despite having a stable and paddock, Epstein’s so-called “ranch” shows no signs of cattle or livestock. When viewing the property through satellite imagery, there are also no apparent crops or any signs of agricultural industry.

Every year, the Albuquerque Journal has posted legal notices to the effect that “Zorro Inc” (Epstein’s company) wants to change the location of a well, or dig deeper into new aquifers, or change the location of that well yet again. Why does that well keep moving, and why would he need so much water if he’s not using the land for its intended purpose? Why does he keep seeking permits to “DIG” so deep? Is this a bait-and-switch operation, where he gets approval to build one thing, and while everyone turns a blind eye, he digs something entirely else?

This may indicate that the ranch has an underground labyrinth where other more insidious experiments can occur. Also, tunnels can also mean that there was an elaborate human trafficking enterprise happening under the Zorro Ranch.

It is also important to note that Sandia National Laboratories and Los Alamos are not far from the Zorro Ranch.

Los Alamos is well known for its research into nonlethal weapons, such as syntel for mind-control. The T-13 Complex Studies Group has been researching artificial-life and synthetic biology.

Sandia Labs also had bunkers for MK Ultra tests that were carried out during the CIA program.

Epstein’s other connections add layer after layer of high-level government ties and high government relationships.

This indicates that something deeper and darker is at play here and that Epstein was carrying out other nefarious activities including blackmail, human trafficking, drug trafficking, gun trafficking, human experimentation, and mind control — this is a conspiracy at the highest levels with co-conspirators in high places.

All those who sold Epstein the ranch, and own the land surrounding it are high ranking or former high ranking political figures that Epstein generously donated to for their campaigns.

He funded the governors, AGs, land commissioners, and likely others, for decades.

To suggest that deeply connected politicians, defense connections, and Hollywood all surrounding Epstein’s ranch, were not aware of what was happening there is highly naive.