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News After De Niro Publicly Pleas ‘Arrest Trump Now,’ His Dark Secret Gets Revealed

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Robert De Niro’s oblivious hatred for President Trump is now resulting in the actor’s self-exposure of each and every dark skeleton in his closet.  De Niro, who is the ‘Butch’ of his generation, has never been afraid to get down and dirty, as long as things were heading his way, and he got all the attention. Well, those who cannot do, teach, right?!

Now, De Niro visited the Global Citizen Forum, where he took the time to swing at Trump on several unreasonable topics.
“In my country, we have an administration that totally is not being helpful,” said De Niro. “We have a leader who’s not leading, that doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Tense and awkward as only De Niro can be, he continued, “The sooner he can be either impeached or just not, you know—I can’t imagine him going for another three years, but whatever, or maybe he’ll be arrested and put in jail, but whatever.”

Much ado about nothing, man. Jails are not intended for guilt-free people, and despite his ‘tragic’ movie characters, this ain’t a motion picture. Or, is he talking about Hillary Clinton? It is hard to tell since everything he mentioned above refers to the former Secretary of State. Could he even be talking about his good pal Harvey Weinstein? That would make so much sense.