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Locals in Oaxaca Beat Suspected Rapist, Toss Him Into Crocodile Cage (VIDEOS)

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Locals in Mexico's Oaxaca state took matters into their own hands on Friday by throwing an alleged rapist into a crocodile cage, though not before dishing out several kicks and punches to the man, identified as Jacinto.

According to local media reports, Jacinto was accused of raping a local woman and assaulting two others, one of which he nearly killed when she put up a fight. As the story goes, minutes after local law enforcement brought the 20-year-old man into the station, a group of 50 outraged residents stormed the station and took him to a nearby park.

Once removed from the custody of the police, locals stripped and beat Jacinto. Footage of the incident was later shared on social media.

Another video, obtained by Cubo Noticias, shows the man lying inside the cage, which housed two crocodiles.Unable to get control of the situation, law enforcement officials called in the Oaxaca state police to calm residents and safely remove the man from the enclosure. Jacinto was then rushed to a hospital in San Pedro Tapanatepec with serious injuries.

Since the attack, officials have been ordered to stay on guard at the hospital out of fear that community members might return to once again drag the suspect away.

It's unclear if there have been any charges levied against residents who took part in the public assault.