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New book alleges Allied soldiers 'raped one million Germans after the end of Second World War'

Allan Hall

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March 1, 2015

When The Soldiers Came' claims Allied troops raped one million women

  • Children, men and young boys were also abused by soldiers, it claims
  • Until now it was thought only the Stalin's Red Army raped German women 
  • But author insists she has spoken to some who can attest to the abuse
  • There was a misconception all women traded sex for coveted goods 
  • But western soldiers took advantage of power to rape, says the author
  • A million women were raped by Allied soldiers in Germany in the immediate aftermath of World War II, a new books claims.

    ‘When The Soldiers Came,’ by historian Miriam Gebhardt, is hailed as the definitive account of the treatment meted out to the defeated women of Nazi Germany which they remained silent about for decades out of shame and humiliaton.

    'At the very least 860,000 women and girls - and also men and young boys - were raped by the occupying Allied soldiers and their helpers. It happened everywhere,' begins the book.