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Montana has become the 13th state to declare pornography a public health hazard.

“When you have 79 percent of males ages 18-30 admitting that they are viewing pornography at least on monthly basis, and 63 percent doing so on a weekly basis, how can we not stop to think how this is impacting their sexual attitudes toward women,” wrote Patrina Mosely of the Family Research Council.

The Christian Post reported the Montana legislature’s resolution points out porn contributes to the hypersexualization of teens and prepubescent children.

What once was considered “hard core” content, the resolution says, is now considered mainstream. Early exposure to porn is leading to low self-esteem and body image disorders in young people. And, the lawmakers argue, porn treats women as objects and products for consumers’ use.

The Centers for Disease Control says porn can be connected to sexual violence, occupational HIV transmission and other ill effects.

Utah, South Dakota, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Idaho, Louisiana, Florida, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Missouri and Virginia are the other states that formally recognize the public health impacts of porn, the report said.

Texas and Arizona are considering proposals.

The Family Research Council said an analysis of the 50 most popular pornographic videos in the U.S. found 88 percent of scenes contained physical violence and 49 percent verbal aggression.

“Moreover, 87 percent of aggressive acts were perpetrated against women, and 95 percent of their responses were either neutral or expressions of pleasure. With this normalization of sexual violence, it is easy to see why such deranged treatment of women could be viewed by males as ‘okay,’ especially when such acts are misleadingly welcomed by women with fake pleasure,” FRC’s Mosely wrote.

“As pornography has become increasingly mainstream and as the number of studies on the harm of pornography expands, declaring it a public health crisis is a significant step in giving this issue the attention it deserves.”


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