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Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Gary and Sherrill

Sam Mugzzi

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This show is about medical blackmail, holding kids hostage, and extortion. We are showing the public the power that Western Medicine has had over our lives. You are a victim in the hands of a predator and you don't know it.

Not until its too late, will the demon show its face. No, they are not making wise choices. Its all about the money. Not one drug has been tested in over 30 years for safety! The CDC is a business and put together to protect the Big Pharma, not you! What has happened to Sky, could happen to all of us. You have no rights in a hospital. All you are is a blank check and the people calling the shots, are people that don't always have degrees in medicine.

They gas light you, bully and force you into situations you do not want to experience. Are you aware the Bill Gates owns Western Medicine? Do you know he is a Rothschild

? There will be a new industry born, and this will be an "over sight committee" who views what the doctors are determining for your health needs. Imagine, that someone who is trained in Biofeedback can watch what the doctors are doing in a hospital millions of miles away. Is their diagnosis correct? Are they making the best choices for your situation?

Hundreds of thousands of children, single moms, grand parents and minorities are being subjected to procedures that are not necessary and even life threatening. Hear our story and begin to learn about your own health so you can protect yourself. Know the truth and be informed, that will be your weapon.

Pray for those that had no choice and are no longer with us. Its a travesty of the endless pain and death that has been performed by a trusted business hiding under the disguise of health and healing.

The Hippocratic Oath is gone, and the days of a wise healer left Western Medicine long ago. Beware of those who blindly walk into their trap. For you might not make it out alive. The choice is yours. What do you want to experience?